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Nature's Secret

Nature's Secret Parastroy 2 Part Program

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Nature’s Secret Parastroy 2 Part Program

Nature’s Secret Parastroy is a 2-Part Program that cleans and sweeps the intestinal tract. The body accumulates waste and foreign organisms from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and from our environment. Parastroy uses herbs, soluble, and insoluble fiber to rid the body of harmful parasites.

Nature’s Secret Parastroy 2 Part Program Benefits

• Cleans and Sweeps Intestinal Tract

• Eliminates Parasites

• Re-Stores Body's Natural Balance


Take 2 capsules of each product two times a day with meals and a full glass of water. Para-Rid and Para-Sweep should be taken at the same time. For best results, follow the enclosed booklet.


Proprietary Blend (black walnut powder, deodorized garlic powder, cascara sagrada powder, centuary powder, fennel powder, wormwood powder, betaine hydrochloride, bromelain, clove powder, epazote powder, orange peel powder, papain, pesin, pumpkin powder, radish powder, grapefruit powder, sage powder, tansy powder, thyme powder, bioperine black pepper extract)

This product contains tree nuts (walnuts).

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