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Now Foods Bentonite Clay Powder 1 Lb

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Bentonite Powder 1lb | NOW Foods

NOW Bentonite Powder is a natural clay most commonly used as a facial mask to remove skin impurities, dirt, and excess oil. The powder contains high amounts of trace minerals, and has become popular at health spas for promoting healthy, youthful skin. Betonite Powder can also be used as a body mask, but should not be used on sensitive areas. This product helps you naturally detox. If you are sick of spending your hard-earned money on spa visits, this is a cheaper and safer option.

NOW Bentonite Powder 1lb Benefits

• Natural Detoxification

• Promotes Healthy Skin

• No Harsh Chemicals

• Removes Impurities

• Used as Face & Body Mask

• Cheaper Alternative to Spa Visit


For oily skin, mix 1 tablespoon of NOW® Solutions Bentonite Clay with one teaspoon or more of water to create a thick paste and apply to the face and neck area, avoiding sensitive areas. Allow 15-20 minutes to dry, then rinse with warm water, pat area dry and apply a NOW® Solutions moisturizer immediately after. Use 1-2 times weekly to help maintain a healthy complexion. For problem areas on the body you may need to double the amount used, depending on the surface area that needs to be covered. Follow the same application guidelines. For any other uses please reference a professional guide.


Bentonite Powder (Pure).

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