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Nutrex Research Mass XXplosion 15 Packs

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Introducing Nutrex Mass Xxplosion Mass Xxplosion...Anabolic Workout Formula Consume Mass Xxplosion during your exercise and watch your muscles grow in the gym!!! Mass XXplosion is the world’s first workout drink that maximizes anabolism during exercise and actually allows you to build muscle while you train. Scientists have discovered that the best time to supply your muscles with anabolic and growth promoting nutrients is not before or after but during exercise when blood flow to the muscles is at its highest. The human body pumps 15-20 times more blood to your muscles when being exercised. Saturating your blood with readily available anabolic key nutrients during exercise will result in an over-uptake of these nutrients putting your muscles into an instant hyper-growth state. Best of all, you can decide which muscle groups you want to benefit the most by determining which muscle you want to train on any given day. World’s first Anabolic Workout Formula that maximizes your ability to actually build muscle while you train Allows you to control which muscles you want to super-saturate the most. Perfect for bringing up lagging body parts Gain While You Train: Nutrex Mass Xxplosion Floods your blood with readily available anabolic key agents for instant muscle growth Mass XXplosion is more effective than any pre- or post-workout product More Blood Flow, More Nutrients, More Growth: Blood is the transport vehicle that supplies your muscles with everything they need. The more nutrients you can pump into a muscle the more it will grow. In the past athletes would consume pre- and post-workout products designed to take advantage of the effects of training. They knew that a freshly trained muscle engorged and filled with blood is ready to utilize extra nutrients. However, by only consuming nutrients before or after training they have been missing out on the best opportunity to feed a muscle. The ideal time to shuttle vital anabolic nutrients into a muscle is during exercise, when blood flow is at its highest. Creating Anabolism During Exercise: Training a muscle provides the extra blood flow you need. Now we have to supply this particular muscle with growth promoting nutrients by saturating our blood with specific anabolic agents in their most elemental form: Selected essential and branch chain amino acids, fast-acting glucose and ATP-precursors. This super-saturated blood will rush to your muscle cells at a rate that is 15-20 times higher than normal, instantly inducing anabolism and glycogen super-loading. The result is extreme cell volumization and prevention of catabolism which puts your muscle into an immediate state of hyper-growth. Incredible Results: The unique workout formula of Mass XXplosion fills all these requirements and results in amazing gains. When consumed during exercise this breakthrough product facilitates extraordinary muscle growth that would otherwise not be possible with regular pre- and post workout formulas.

Warning Concerning California Residents:

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.