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Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE 30 Servings

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Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE

Optimum Nutrition's new Pre-Workout product is creating a little buzz with claims of increased focus and increased energy, this is going to be the next new product ot beat.

Backed with efficacious dosages of L-Citrulline (including patented PepForm Citrulline Peptides), beta-alanine, caffeine, ON’s own PhytoBlend, and metabolic and antioxidant support, this pre workout will fuel you through the most intense training.

Optimum Nutrition has formulated a brand new pre-workout that will set the bar high in terms of enhancing performance. With the addition of BCAAs and Beta Alanine Platinum Pre promotes a high energy intense fueled workout.

  • 4 Grams of L-Citrulline: an Amino Acid Precursor to N.O.
  • 3.2 Grams of Beta-Alanine to Support Training Endurance

Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE

  • Increased Energy and Metabolic Support
  • High Antioxidant Value
  • Training Performance Support
  • Increased Endurance
  • Promotes Focus

Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE Directions:

Take 1 scoop 30 minutes before your workout with 6-10 oz of cold water. Start with 1 scoop or less to assess your tolerance. DO NOT EXCEED MORE THAN 2 SERVINGS PER DAY.

Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE Ingredients:

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Average PWO

I had a 2 serving sample packet. I like 200-300mg caffeine PWO. So I took 1.5 servings. The beta-alanine tingles hit me pretty hard 15 minutes after I took it. Compared to other times I've taken 300mg caffeine, I got a really good energy rush and focus. I was really amped throughout the whole 55 min GVT should/ab workout. I was not impressed with the pump considering my dose had 3g L-Citrulline. It took a while for my muscles to get full during my workout. The fruit punch flavor was fine. It could have mixed better. And this is not a cost effective product. For the price, you should be getting a lot more ingredients like taurine, betaine, creatine, etc. Performance seemed to be pretty good with this.

feel the burn

I was excited when I received a sample of PRE because I have been a long time fan of amino energy and optimum nutrition. The product mixed well and the taste was alright (not quite as good as amino energy). However, I noticed a burning in my throat like when you eat something spicy or very acidic). The workout was alright, the energy was similar to amino energy, but there was the added bonus of pump to this workout. Towards the end of my workout, my stomach started to ache (again the spicy/acidic feeling now in my stomach). later that night I felt the last of the burn on its way out of my body. I've never felt something go through you like that. I do have a small tolerance to acidic food and some supplements upset my stomach, so while the burn was different than a bloat, it may just be me. The workout was fine, but the effects were enough to keep me away from trying this again.


Platinum pre is one of the better pre eorkouts out there in my opinion. That is what i was looking for when i purchased this. When i first started using it i was like a bull in a china shop. Once i got use to it and adapted, i really came to liking it. I always took it 30 minutes before getting to the gym. And when it took effect, i had some of the best workouts i had in a long time. The taste and mixability of this product are both great. For great energy in the gym try platinum pre.

Above Average

Overall, this is an above average pre-workout. I am not a fan of pre-workouts, but this is one of the better ones. I just don't like getting that feeling when taking pre-workouts. If you are looking for something to take before working out, I would suggest Amino Energy, which is also an Optimum Nutrition product. The price is pretty good, so this isn't a bad product to try out.

Great PRE

This is definitely my favorite pre-workout. It is loaded with good supplements to give you that extra push in the gym. I always recommend Platinum Pre!

First pre-workout I ever tried

ON Platinum Pre- is the first pre-workout supplement I ever tried. I was definitely impressed! I think all the flavors are great, but my personal favorite is the superfruit. I like to workout first thing when I wake up and this stuff really gives me the energy to power through my workouts! You feel the rush of the beta alanine almost immediately. The only drawback is if you drink the little crystals that settle to the bottom they kinda have a spicy, peppery taste to them.

Good product, horrible taste

After chugging a million protein shakes not a big stickler for taste. Now the flavor isn't bad. Towards the end you get some peppery aftertaste. Super weird to taste lemonade and pepper Once you get passed that , Platinum PRE is a solid product. Cool clean energy, didn't give me a jittery rush. So if you want cracked out gym hype might not be for you

Great 1st Preworkout....otherwise ****.

Great product for first pre-workout, beginners, caffeine sensitive. Within 1hr it died out though.

Favorite Pre-workout supp

I have never been someone that complains about the flavor of a pre-workout supplement, but after trying the Platinum PRE raspberry lemonade flavor, I am going to expect a pre workout supplement to have a great taste. The first time I took this, I felt the beat alanine tingles running all through my body within 10 minutes. I had clean jittery-free energy from Platinum PRE. One scoop does the job for me.

Great Pre-Workout Supplement

When you take it the first time, you got a incredible flavor taste!! Just amazing! With the "extreme dosing" protocol: 10 to15 minutes later lil' tingles in my jaw and arms, nice feeling! Good pumps and great performance through the workout (so good endurance). With the passage of days and workouts, good feelings and good performance. Another good point is the antioxidants in it! Cons: I think the "Capsimax" leftover between ingredients because why you need metabolic support in a preworkout? I mean, for me it does not! I think the price must reduce a lil bit! ;) Finally, I just said, Well done ON!