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Physique Enhancing Science Erase 90 caps

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Physique Enhancing Science Erase 90 Caps

Erase is a natural probolic, test-booster, and estrogen blocker from Physique Enhancing Sciences. The formula does not shut down natural testosterone production like pro-hormones, and does not require a PCT. Men know that increasing testosterone levels is important to gaining muscle, recovery, better sleep, and sexual performance. The problem is that testosterone converts to estrogen, so increasing testosterone also increases estrogen levels. High levels of estrogen in men lead to body fat storage, and produces a fat, bloated look. The key is to find a supplement that simultaneously increases testosterone, while lowering estrogen levels to provide the proper balance.

PES Erase contains 3-deoxy-7-oxo-DHEA, a metabolite of DHEA that helps increase testosterone, lower estrogen, regulate cortisol levels, reduce body fat, and support gains in size and strength. The result is a leaner, harder physique, without the side effects of pro-hormones. Erase will help you perform better in the gym, and in the bedroom.

Physique Enhancing Science Erase 90 Caps Benefits

• Increases Testosterone Levels

• Improves Sleep Quality

• Lowers Estrogen Levels

• Increases Size & Strength

• Reduces Body Fat

• Increases Libido


Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving
Erase Proprietary Blend 300 mg
Uncaria Tomentosa (Bark) Extract, Abieta-8,11,13-trien-18-oic acid

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide Color

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    Versatile control of estrogen

    Great product for a lean, dry look in a variety of contexts.

    love it you should buy it

    Holy let me tell you this is the holy grail if your wanting lean muscle i got this with alpha t2 and another fatburner thats been band but let me tell you i looked amazing i didnt actually loose any weight and im sure it has to do with this i put on a lot of muscle wile under a strict low cal diet my weight staid the same but the composition of my body sure changed i would recommend this ! I could only imagine what would have happened if i was trying to bulk with this its awsome... oh and the bedroom yep makes you a god

    amazing product that everyone should try

    I have used this product both while cutting and bulking and it makes a difference in leaning you out. Experienced increased vascularity and moderate strength gains

    Must have supplement

    I have been using Erase for two weeks now. Along with cardio, I have leaned out quite a bit and the hardening appearance is starting to be noticeable. This is a must have supplement.

    Gave me headaches!

    I stopped taking this product after four days as it seemed like no matter how much water I drank throughout the day and night I would always wake up feeling dehydrated with a stiff neck and a headache, even at 2 caps a day. Hoping to give this another go in the near future at 1 cap a day and gradually working up to 3 to see if that works, but this may just not be for everyone!

    Great Product That Works

    The best PES product. Saw results on day 3 with noticeable decrease in water retention. On week 3 now and have visibly leaned out. Would definitely recommend especially with a test boost like DAA or on a cut.

    Leans Me Out In First Few Days

    My favourite effect from Erase is the leaning out it gives you in the first few days. I put on a kg while taking it but looked leaner.

    Best All Around Supplement

    PES Erase is the best all around supp I have used in a long time. Noticed effects after about 3 days it surprised me. Increase in libido. I gained a little lean mass and strength, hardening effect. Probably from the anti estrogen and anti cortisol properties. Picked up another bottle to run in the summer

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