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Redcon 1

MRE Lite 25 Servings



Redcon1 MRE Lite 25 servings

If you love Redcon1’sflagship meal replacement supplement, MRE – named after military ‘Meals Ready to Eat’ rations – then you’re going to go nuts for their latest version. Redcon1’s MRE Lite takes meal replacement to the next level, bringing everything you love about the original MRE but eliminating almost all of the carbs. That’s right, MRE Lite is a low-carb meal replacement powder, with just 4.5g of carbs per serving! Unlike the majority of meal replacement products on the market today, MRE Lite was formulated using natural and whole food ingredients so you can be sure you are giving your body a complete nutrition profile. What’s more, MRE Lite contains absolutely no whey protein, and instead uses a protein blend derived from fish, chicken, beef, and peas. With MRE Lite, you are getting real food in a convenient powder form, so you can have a nutritious meal with you no matter how hectic your lifestyle. Plus, MRE Light comes in three delectable flavors: Blueberry Cobbler, Dutch Apple Pie, and Banana Nut Bread – trust us, you will want to savor every single sip. Whether you are looking to improve your muscle recovery, bulk up, or if you need help reaching your daily calorie goal, MRE Lite is unmatched when it comes to nutritional value. Stop wasting time with inferior and unnatural products and get a meal replacement product that will fuel your athletic performance. Order your tub of MRE Lite by Redcon1 today and start feeding your body real food! COMING SOON FROM REDCON1!


  • Low carb meal replacement
  • Only 4.5g of carbs per serving
  • Over 40g protein per serving
  • Contains no whey protein
  • Real whole food sources
  • Three delicious flavors that mix easily

Directions and Dosage

Redcon1 recommends consuming 1 serving (4 scoops) when you need to replace a meal or when you need to increase the amount of calories to meet your goals for the day.

Available Flavors

Blueberry Cobbler
Dutch Apple Pie
Banana Nut Bread

Ingredients and Label


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