Sparta Nutrition Elite Pre-Workout Stack

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Sparta Nutrition Elite Pre-Workout Stack - Get Those Muscles

Time for something to make you work hard in the gym. Are you ready to push yourself to the limit and gain more muscle and pumps than ever before? This stack will give you intense energy and extreme pumps to dominate the gym and have your body feeling amazing. Sparta Nutrition has your back! Introducing Elite Pre-Workout Stack!

Elite Pre-Workout Stack Includes

  • 1 Bottle Kraken Extreme Pre-Workout
  • 1 Bottle Kraken Pump

How Does Elite Pre-Workout Stack by Sparta Work?

This stack contains two very strong performance energy supplements that the world has ever seen! Let's break it down by each:


The Kraken is an extreme pre-workout formula known and loved by all. This formula was created for strong athletes that want more endurance, more pumps and extreme energy in the gym. The combination of ingredients is what makes the Kraken different: 

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that helps improve blood flow, increasing pumps.

Beta-Alanine helps build muscle and gain endurance. 

Taurine is the most essential substance in the body and helps with lowering cortisol and helps elevate energy.

Agmatine Sulfate helps improve muscle pumps by nitric oxide synthesis.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is an amino acid which helps with cognition, focus, and concentration.

Eria Jarensis Extract helps boost your mood due to its ability increase levels of Dopamine and Noradrenaline the body.

Caffeine Anhydrous to stimulate your brain and central nervous system. 

Teacrine for extreme energy and appetite suppression.

Niacin to open up your blood vessels and create pumps. 

Vitamin B12 to give you all day energy.

Kraken Pump

What if I told you, that you can get the great same effects of the Kraken, but without the stimulants? That is where Kraken Pump comes in. It is designed to give you super pumps and vascularity, without the stimulants! But because it doesn't have stimulants, you can stack it with the original! Double the fun!

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that helps improve blood flow, increasing pumps.

HydroMax helps with hydration in your muscles making them sponges. 

Nitrosigine promotes blood flow to your muscles. By doing this, you get nutrients and pumps quicker.

Coconut Water is the worlds best hydration element. this helps with hydration in your body, which makes better pumps and helps your muscles pop and recover.

Elite Pre-Workout Stack Benefits


  • Intense Energy
  • Increase Pumps
  • Improves Focus
  • Enhanced Endurance

Kraken Pumps

  • Non-Stimulating
  • Increases Pumps
  • Improves Focus

How To Take Sparta's Elite Pre-Workout Stack

Kraken: Take one-two serving prior to working out.

Kraken Pump: Take one-two servings prior to working out

Elite Pre-Workout Stack Ingredients


Serving Size: 1 Scoop

Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per Serving:

Vitamin B3: (as Niacin) 15mg 150%

Vitamin B12: (1% Methylcobalamin) 500mcg 8,333%

L-Citrulline: 2g

Beta Alanine: 1.6g

Hydromax Glyerol Powder: 1g

Taurine: 500mg

Agmatine Sulfate: 500mg

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: 250mg

Eria Jarensis Extract: 125mg

Caffeine Anhydrous: 100mg

Teacrine: 125mg

L-Norvaline: 50mg

Other Ingredients: Natural and artificial flavors, Citric acid, Disodium Phosphate, Sucralose, Malic acid, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5, Silica

Kraken Pump

Serving Size: 1 Scoop 

Servings Per Container: 20

L-Citrulline: 3g

HydroMax: 1g

Nitrosigina: 750mg

Beta Vulgaris: 500mg

Coconut Water: 250mg

Other Ingredients: Natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, sucralose, malic acid, acesulfame-k

Elite Pre-Workout Stack Warnings & Side Effects

Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Individuals who consume caffeine with this product may experience serious adverse health effects. Individuals who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine should consult a licensed healthcare professional before consuming this product. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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