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Twinlab Mega Taurine 1000mg 50 Capsules



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Twinlab Mega Taurine 1000mg 50 Capsules

Taurine is a non-essential amino acid found in body tissues, and plays an integral role in many functions in the body. Pre-Workout supplements and energy drinks contain Taurine because of its ability to increase energy levels. Twinlab Mega Taurine supports heart health, lowers cholesterol, attacks free radicals, and helps treat depression and diabetes. Research also indicates that Taurine could be useful for treating autism.

Twinlab Mega Taurine 1000mg 50 Capsules Benefits

• Increases Energy Levels

• Supports Heart Health

• Lowers Cholesterol

• May Help with Depression


Take 1 capsule of Twinlab Mega Taurine per day.

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