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Universal Torrent 3.28 lbs

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flavor: Cherry Berry Blast

Universal Torrent 3.28 lbs

Torrent is a post-workout nutritional supplement for hard-training athletes. The formula contains a balanced formula of protein, carbs, creatine, and amino acids. These ingredients help to trigger new muscle growth, replenish glycogen levels, and support recovery.

Universal Torrent capitalizes on the probolic window post-workout with 20 grams of whey protein hydrolysates, one of the fastest-absorbing proteins available. This means your body will immediately start preserving and building lean muscle mass.

This product also uses a propretary Osmosulin Matrix™(D-Glucose, Waxy Maize, Maltodextrin). These carbohydrates cause an insulin spike, helping shuttle nutrients to muscles quickly, allowing for maximum absorption in minimal time. Another benefit of these carbs is that they don't cause digestive issues.

The Creabolic Complex includes a blend of creatines, including the monohydrate and ethyl ester forms. You can expect significant increases in size, strength, and recovery.

The Volubolic Amino Blend includes Taurine, Glutamine, Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG), L-Phenylalanine, and Citrulline Malate. These ingredient work together to boost endurance, repair muscle, and accelerate recovery from strenuous exercise.

Universal Torrent 3.28 lbs Benefits

• 20 Grams of Whey Protein Hydrolysates

• Fast-Acting Carbs

• Increases Insulin Sensitivity

• Improves Size & Strength

• Accelerates Recovery

• No Digestive Issues


Mix 3 scoops with 20-25 ounces of cold water within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. 

Universal Torrent 3.28lbs Ingredients

Universal Nutrition Torrent Ingredients

Warnings & Side Efects

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place after opening. 


 Outlaw JJ, Wilborn CD, Smith-Ryan AE, et al. Effects of a pre-and post-workout protein-carbohydrate supplement in trained crossfit individuals. Springerplus. 2014;3:369. Published 2014 Jul 21. doi:10.1186/2193-1801-3-369

Aragon AA, Schoenfeld BJ. Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2013;10(1):5. Published 2013 Jan 29. doi:10.1186/1550-2783-10-5

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Adrian J.
United States United States


Very good product

  • Age? 30
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Yeah

contains creatine and other great ingredients

This is an amazing supplement. It has amino acids, which are important for recovery and muscle growth. It has protein, which is the key ingredient to building muscle. It also has fast digesting carbs (sugars), which most people neglect to take after workouts but they are also very important. It also contains creatine, which is in my opinion one of the best muscle building supplements on the market today. Overall, this is a really awesome supplement to take.


Good stuff.

A pretty good source of post workout nutrition from Universal. The apple flavor is really good tasting. This stuff was so quick and easy it is not even funny. Everything in one. I personally was smashing 6 scoops of this stuff after every workout. Torrent has a great nutrient profile. The Luecine and creatine was perfect to get the recovery process on its way. Now if they made this with whey protein isolate then it would be golden. Good stuff for the price.


This is a pretty good post workout formula

This universal torrent is a pretty good post workout formula. It has 20 grams of protein, carbs and 3 types of creatine. I love the Sour Citrus Rush flavour. The mixibilty is also pretty good with a shaker bottle. Some people complained they had stomach issues with it, but I didn't have any. I good way to take this product is add ice, water and blend it together. Makes and awesome slushy. I highly recommend this to anyone as a post workout recovery drink. It has everything: Protein, Carbs, BCAA's, and creatine.


Very good product

Overall, this Torrent is a very good product. I am a very big fan of the Animal brand, and this product is no different. I think it is high quality, but I don't think it is an absolutely essential supplement. That is the only reason I wouldn't absolutely recommend it. However, it is a good price and definitely gets the job done.


Torrent is a great product

This is a great pwo. Tastes good and reduces recovery time and soreness dramatically.



I received a 1/5 size serving, sample in the mail and I just wanted to give my two cents...... Flavor: Green Apple Avalanche= Delicious, slightly bland (maybe I used too much water), but it was definitely palatable. Mixability:8/10, the powder mixed and dissolved very well, but it was a bit foamy(but I am definitely not complaining) Stomachability: 7/10, I took it about 15-20 min. ago, and my stomach is doin' flips(no pain, just a lil' gaseous Ingredient profile: 9/10, Excellent! Addition of BCAA's and EAA's would bump it to a 10 in my book. That's really all that I can report on, as i only had one small sample. Overall though, it is a very high-quality product, after my current stack, I may look to Universal for my next one

Andre D.

Review of Universal Torrent 3.28 lbs

Great recovery from this. The waxy maize and hydrolyzed whey seems to work real well and does not bloat me at all. I like both the apple flavor and the cherry, but the apple is my favorite.