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VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics 30/Servings

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Probiotics Formula - VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics

If you're looking for a way to get in your Probiotics daily, but don't like the idea of taking a horse pill, this is the product for you. Probiotics are essential for your health, and VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics formula is a great way to get in your daily Probiotics dose. VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics comes in a variety of delicious flavors & contains a whopping 10 grams of Fiber from 3 different sources, along with 1 billion CFU Probiotics. Get yo'self some Probiotics, folks! Try VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics today!!

VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics Benefits

  • Contains 10 Whopping Grams Of Fiber
  • Provides Extreme Gut Support
  • Promotes Gut Health
  • Packed With 1 Billion CFU Probiotics
  • Contains 0g Of Sugar
  • Packs Fiber From 3 Different Sources
  • Delicious Tasting Flavors

VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics Flavors

  • Chocolate
  • Orange Pineapple
  • Tropical Mango 

How Do I Take VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics?

The manufacturer suggests mixing (1) one scoop of Fiber + Probiotics in 10-12 ounces of water, or any beverage of choice, and consume prior to a meal. Do not exceed more than 1 serving at a time, and do not consume more than 2 servings in any 24 hour period.

VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics Ingredients

Serving Size: 1 Scoop

Servings Per Container: 30

Calories 40

Total Carbohydrate 11g

Soluble Fiber 10g

Sugars 0g

Fiber Blend 11.4g: Psyllium Husk (5g), Fibersol-2 (4.9g), Blueberry Fiber (1.5g)

9-Strain Probiotics (ProbioSEB Multi) 1B CFU: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, L Casei, L salivarius, L. Plantarum, L. rhamnosus, L. brevis, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Streptococcus Thermophilus, B. Lactis/Longum

Other Ingredients: Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavors, Stevia, Monk Fruit.

VMI Sports Fiber + Probiotics Side Effects & Warnings

For use as a dietary supplement only by healthy adults of the age of 18 and over. Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or may become pregnant. Do not consume if you have a pre-existing medical condition, or you are taking any prescription medication. Please consult a physician prior to use. Use only as directed and do not exceed recommended dosage.


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