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Universal Uni-Liver 30 grain 500 tabs

Universal Uni-Liver 30 grain 500 tabs

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  • Universal Uni-Liver 30 grain 500 tabs Universal Uni-Liver 30 grain 500 tabs

Universal Uni-Liver 30 grain 500 tabs

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Our Price:
41% LESS
THAN MSRP $41.75


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Universal Nutrition UNI-Liver 500 Tablets 250 Servings

Animal UNI-Liver

Introducing one of the best sources of amino acids available today! Derived from only the healthiest grass-fed cows from Argentina, completely hormone and pollutant free! Arguably one of the most nutritious supplements on the market today UNI-Liver is derived of fat & connective tissue to provide only the purest forms of amino acids, & vitamins. UNI-Liver is flash frozen to ensure the, purest & most potent form of amino acids that your body can recognize as opposed to cheap free-form amino acids. One of the best amino acid supplements in production today UNI-Liver has been a choice for bodybuilders & athletes everywhere for 18 years!



  • Bioavailable Amino Acids
  • Potent source of Vitamins
  • Good Source of Iron, Chromium, & B-vitamins
  • 500 Tablets; 250 Servings

Universal UNI-Liver


I took this product for a cutting regimen for enhanced recovery and as a good source of amino acids & bioavailable vitamins! I noticed the benefits about 3 days in! Would highly recommend this product especially for when under a calorie deficit!


One of the highest quality amino acid supplements available today! You can take all the free form amino acid powder you want but without the co-factors from real animals your body wastes the majority of powders/pills; but not these! This has and always will be a staple for me!


Universal Uni-Liver Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 tablets with each meal. Daily intake can be increased gradually to 4 or 6 tablets per each meal.

Side Effects

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Before beginning any program, consult your health care practitioner.


Supplement Facts


Two tablets supply the following ingredients:

Calories - 14

Protein - 3.2 g

Thiamine - 80 mcg

Riboflavin - 800 mcg

Niacin - 4 mg

Vitamin B6 - 160 mcg

Folic Acid - 104 mcg

Vitamin B12 - 48 mcg

Biotin - 20 mcg

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid - 52 mcg

Choline - 160 mg

Inositol - 28 mg


Typical Amino Acid Profile

(Per 100g of Liver):

Arginine - 2000 mg

Leucine - 5800 mg

Isoleucine - 2800 mg

Valine - 4500 mg

Lysine - 3600 mg

Histidine - 1800 mg

Tryptophan - 80 mg

Methionine - 2100 mg

Threonine - 3200 mg

Phenylalanine - 2900 mg

Tyrosine - 1700 mg

Cysteine - 1500 mg

Serine - 2300 mg

Glutamic Acid - 5100 mg

Aspartic Acid - 2100 mg

Glycine - 3600 mg

Alanine - 6100 mg

Proline - 110 mg


Other ingredients:

Desiccated bovine liver, whey, terra alba, choline citrate, inositol monophosphate, magnesium stearate and stearic acid.



  1. Source of natural iron review by K. on 5/18/2015
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    If heme-based iron is your want, the reputation of this is old and trusted.

  2. Worth a shot review by Michael on 10/30/2014
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    Liver tablets were a big thing in the 70s, so I'm told. You have people who swear by them and others who say they are rubbish. I noticed more pungent gas, but little in terms of strength and size. Problem is you have such mixed information with dosage. I tried 8 tabs a day, but nothing. Inexpensive, so worth a shot, but anything that doesn't work is a waste of money.

    Worth a shot, but I think it's not really worth it.

  3. Effectiveness review by Norman on 8/10/2009
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    The Best

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