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VPX NO Shotgun V.3 644 Grams

VPX NO Shotgun V.3 644 Grams

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Brand: VPX
  • VPX NO Shotgun V.3 644 Grams VPX NO Shotgun V.3 644 Grams

VPX NO Shotgun V.3 644 Grams

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Brand: VPX
SKU: F:61076484026

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Our Price:
44% LESS
THAN MSRP $69.95


VPX NO Shotgun V.3 644 Grams

VPX NO Shotgun is a pre-workout muscle building supplement that is University proven to increase protein synthesis which leads to lean muscle growth. This formula was designed to enhance the way your body takes in nutrients and delivers them to the necessary organs and organ systems to aid in building lean muscle mass.


Increases in muscle gene proteins with no-shotgun MHF-1

  • Muscle Myo-D increases - 515.00%
  • Muscle MRF-4 increases - 400.40%
  • Muscle My15 increases - 179.60%
  • Myofirillar protein increases - 167.20%


  • Enhances training intensity, mental acuity & focus
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
  • Reduces Fat and Excess Weight
  • Aids in an Increase in Strength and Endurance


No-Shotgun MHF-1 with Reline or Meltdown or any other product containing caffeine or other stimulants. Mix one scoop of No-Shotgun MHF-1 with 8 to 10 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. Drink No-Shotgun MHF-1 Prior to any type of athletic event or resistance training.



Supplement Facts

Serving Size ()

Servings Per Container 30


Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value





Total Fat















Dietary Fiber










Proprietary BCAAEX-NV™ (Branced Chain Ethyl Ester Amino Acid Matrix)(as Branched Chain Ethyl Ester Amino Acid Matrix)





L-2-Aminopentanoic Acid(L-Nor-Valine)


L-Leucine Ethyl Ester HCL


L-Valine Ethyl Ester HCL


L-Isoleucine Ethyl Ester HCL


Proprietary Muscle Volumizing, NO2, Insulinotrophic And Glutamine Matrix



Methyl Hydroxy Chalcone Polymer(MHCP80%)


CEX®(Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL)


AEX™(Hydroxy L-Arginine Ethyl Ester)


GEX™(Glutamine Ethyl Ester HCL)


Di-L-Arginine Malate


Citrulline Malate


BPOV(Bis Picolinato Oxo Vanadium)


Power, Speed, Strength And Endurance Matrix


KIC(Ketoisocaproic Acid Calcium)




Orotic Acid


Creatine Magnesium Chelate


BAEX™(Beta Alanine Ethyl Ester HCL)




Creatine Monohydrate




Redline Energy Technology



L-TEX™(L-Tyrosine Ethyl Ester HCL)


Evoburn™(Pure Evodiamine)


Caffeine Anhydrous




Folate(as Folic Acid)




* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

† Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients:

Maltodextrin, Monosodium Phosphate Anhydrous, Tri-Sodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Sucralose



Directions: Mix one scoop of NO-Shotgun with 10 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. Do not consume more than 1.5 scoops in one serving.




  1. Insane Pumps review by Kyle on 10/18/2011
    Recommend to a Friend

    INSANE PUMPS with VPX NO Shotgun! I mean insane to the point where I was concerned with the size I was. Tastes better than any other protein source I've taken and it blends perfectly in a blender cup.
    I Stack this with SyntheSize and I'm seeing great results after 2 weeks.
    The only downside is when I take a full scoop, I feel nauseous when lifting big. So I stick to a half scoop, save money, and still feel more energized in the gym than ever.

  2. Top of the Line Pre-Workout review by John on 6/14/2011
    Recommend to a Friend

    I used VPX NO Shotgun for preworkout..wheeeew!!,,this is the top of the line for pre-workout stamina..litterally pumps you up and shows vascualarity in minutes!!..rip-roaring results!!

  3. Stack it with Synthesize review by Darby on 5/13/2011
    Recommend to a Friend

    I have used the VPX No Shotgun, No Synthesize stack for years. Whether I am dieting for a contest or trying to gain mass in the offseason, I still get great pumps from this product. I always take 1 serving or NO Shotgun about 30 minutes preworkout, then sip on 1 serving of Synthesize while I train. This combination provides great pumps and energy while also fueling the muscle with amino acids.

  4. Greatest Pre-Workout Drinks Out There review by Justin on 4/12/2011
    Recommend to a Friend

    No Shotgun is one of the greatest pre-workout drinks out there. *I didn't stack it with No-synthesize. Extremely powerful! 1 serving does it all! Has excellent blend of nutrients. You'll feel the effects in no time. Provides great pump and long lasting workouts! (A+)

  5. No Bloat, Energy Boost review by Kyle on 3/23/2011
    Recommend to a Friend

    NO Shotgun has a good blend of effective ingredients. I am not a fan of proprietary blends because I don't actually know how much of what is in it. If you need a boost in energy this may very well be the one for you. I did not get the usual creatine bloat that I have gotten taking creatine mono. This is a good product and is worth a try if you have not alraedy.

  6. Best Energy Product I've Used review by Brenda on 11/16/2010
    Recommend to a Friend

    This product is great! I usually mix it up right before I go to sleep and when my alarm goes off at 5:00 am I chug it down. Usually I can only hit snooze once before I a WIDE AWAKE at there is no longer any excuse not to go to the gym. I'm not a fan of the grape bubblegum flavor, but do like the lime splash. I can't take this at night as it will keep me awake. Overall, this is the best energy product I've tried yet.

  7. Good Boost of Energy and Pump review by Nick on 11/7/2010
    Recommend to a Friend

    Excellent product. I've used it with great success on and off for several years now. Good boost of energy and pump, especially after a long day at work. Taste has been drastically improved as well.

  8. Does VPX NO Shotgun Work? YES! review by James Stayton II on 11/1/2010
    Recommend to a Friend

    You are reading these ratings to have one question answered, "does it work?" The answer is, "Yes" Shotgun is very effective, and does what it promises. It gives you the extra push to get to the gym to, usually after about 15 minutes after use my body knows its time to hit the gym. Ive noticed steady gains in my physique. Unlike other creatine products, you DO NOT have to cycle off of Shotgun or worry about your kidneys, for legal reasons, I AM NOT A DR. nor do I have a PhD. However, I will testify that this works better than any other pre-work out formula that Ive tried, Jack3d, super pump, no explode.

  9. Shotgun review by TDUB on 3/2/2009
    Recommend to a Friend

    It taste great. great pump just overall it is amazing

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