With Christmas around the corner and for the people who were too lazy to finish their shopping on black Friday like the rest of us, we decided to make a Christmas list for that specific bread of people that you need to keep in mind when shopping for. Normally, December 25th is a day that brings everyone together to show their love and gratitude for one another. For others it’s the day of the year their gym is most likely closed, resulting in a world wind of anger and a snappy attitude. With this in mind, here is a list of gifts that would make any bodybuilder happy this Christmas.

1. Food Organizer. The one thing that bodybuilders do as much as working out, is eating. Eating is one of the most important aspects of being a bodybuilder. And what could you get a bodybuilder to make them even happier you as? A Fitmark Food organizer of course! Keep your food fresh in the lightweight portable Fitmark box!

2. Eat Fit Cutlery. As we stated before, the one thing a bodybuilder does just as much as lift, is eat. But do you who what a bodybuilder does as their lifting? Yup, you guessed it. They think about lifting. So why not make eating the best of both worlds and get them a dumbbell morphed with silverware!
3. Blender Bottles. If there’s one thing a bodybuilder goes through faster than anything its blender bottles. There always getting dirty, braking, or just losing them. With that in mind why don’t you just get them blender bottles for Christmas? But not just one or two. Why not just get them a box of blender bottles!
4. Tupperware. Now this and the food organizer go hand-in-hand. Bodybuilders are eating constantly. And just like the blender bottles the Tupperware gets smelling and gross. So why not make your favorite bodybuilder a supply of Tupperware to go along with their brand new Fitmark food organizer.
5. Massage. As a bodybuilder you are constantly training and causing injuries to yourself that impair your bodybuilding development. Getting your favorite bodybuilder a massage will help them recover faster and help repair any damage they have done to their body and help them continue to grow and speed up there muscle recovery time!

6. Large Standing Mirror. After all the hard work you want to be able to check out your gains. A large standing mirror would do the trick!
7. Universal Animal Tank Top. Because you are an animal and even though it’s negative 10 degrees out, you want to show off your gains. When you work hard to look good you have to make sure everyone else can see your gains at any possible moment. What better then a Universal Animal tank top. Allow your favorite bodybuilder to show everyone the animal they are!

8. Tanning Products. Just because it’s the dead of winter, doesn’t mean you can’t have that golden glow on your skin. Help your favorite body builder show off their gains with a great glow!
9. Universal Skull Cap. Its winter and you need to stay warm when leaving the gym. Don’t get sick and you stay in the gym. And with universal you will look like an animal! Stay warm this winter and get your favorite bodybuilder an universal skull cap.

10. Selfie Stick. Don’t have a mirror to take pictures of you and your gains? Use a selfie stick to get that perfect flexing pose! Getting your favorite bodybuilder a selfie cam will give them the ability to show everyone their gains at any moment!


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New iForce Nutrition Hemavo2

Dec 17, 2014 8:14:48 AM

iForce Nutrition Hemavo2This is a product from iForce Nutrition that I have been waiting for a long time. I have been using Hemavol for a few years now and love everything from the pumps to the taste (except one flavor...), and then when iForce came out with the new Max Out...I was really loving that product as well. Especially if you stacked them together, that was a great pre-workout stack. And now they come out with Hemavo2!

What is Hemavo2?

There is very little we know about this product right now. Looking at the picture, it's obvious that the first flavor coming out is Juicy Watermelon. Surprised it wasn't Lemon Drop, which is my favorite flavor, but watermelon is a close second. And they know how to flavor pre-workouts. Like Body Nutrition knows protein flavoring, these guys know pre-workout flavoring. On the bottle it claims a few benefits to taking this product:

  • Intense Pumps
  • Zoned in Focus
  • Increased Strength

Sounds like everything you want from a pre-workout formula huh?

Want to be a Beta Tester?

I am hoping to be a beta tester for this product. Do you want to be a beta tester? You just have to go to the iForce Nutrition Facebook Page, follow the instructions, and then sign up to be in the iForce Nation here. Now if you get lucky and become a beta tester, we just ask that you do some updates on our Best Price Nutrition Facebook page! We all want to know well Hemavo2 works!

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Allmax Nutrition H-Vol Review Video

Dec 15, 2014 4:37:19 PM

This is one pump product that I have grown to like more and more. I was never a fan of green apple flavored pre-workout drinks, but now I love it! H-VOL is the new pre-workout pump product from Allmax Nutrition. It's not stimulant, tastes great, and gives you some great intense pumps during your workout. It also comes in Dragon Fruit, which tastes equally as good. So if you are looking to get off stims or want to add some extra pumps to your stimulant pre-workout, H-VOL is definitely something to try!


  • Extreme Pumps
  • Non Stimulant
  • Amazing Tasting
  • Stack with Your Stimulant Pre-Workout

You can purchase this supplement at Best Price Nutrition NOW!

H-VOL Review Video

Below Glenn from Best Price Nutrition reviews the new H-VOL and does an in-depth breakdown of the ingredients and what you should expect when taking this supplement.


Hello again everybody. This is Glenn with Best Price Nutrition and today I'm going to give you an overview on the brand new HemaNOvol Powder from Allmax Nutrition. They've shortened it to H:VOL on the bottle. It's a pretty long name, so, you will probably see it as H:VOL on our website.

This is their nitric-oxide powder or what they call an extreme nitric-oxide vaso-muscular expansion. It comes in two flavors, dragon fruit, and I believe, an apple flavor. I haven't tried them yet, they are brand new to us, literally just got them, but knowing Allmax, everything is pretty well flavored, so it should taste pretty good.

Give you an overview on it. There's 30 servings inside here. Each scoop is five calories, so low, not going to have any effect on you. They say recommended use on workout days, take one serving with six to eight ounces of cold water, 30 minutes before you workout. Non-workout days, should be taken on non-workout days as well, so you can use it on your workout days and not on workout days because they say it has a cumulative effect, so take it on your days off as well.

All right, getting into this. Nitric-oxide enhancement matrix, essentially malic two to one ratio, 1200 milligrams. What that means is you've got citrulline bonded to malic acid in a two to one ratio, so for every two grams of citrulline these one gram of malic acid or in this case, I believe there's 750 milligrams citrulline and about 500 milligrams of malic acid.

A little bit on the lower side in terms of citrulline, a lot of research and studies, shows you three grams of citrulline to get effects, but you can take multiple scoops of this, which is nice. What citrulline does is it can enhance endurance, reduce fatigue in the body, yeah reduces fatigue and enhances endurance. There is some people saying, or some researchers show it can enhance nitric-oxide production.

Next ingredient, Nitrosigine. It's inositol-stabilized arginine silicate. And what this is, it's arginine silica stabilized by inositol. Gets into the body and increases the amount of arginine and silica present in the blood. There's a 14-day study that did show an increase in nitric-oxide levels. And what I think a lot of us don't think of, but silica has effects on the cardiovascular system, actually positive effects. So, that's a nice thing to have.

Next is Agmapure. Agmatine-sulfate, 575 milligrams. Done a lot of videos on Agmatine in the past. It's a great ingredient. A good dose of 575 milligrams, so that's nice. It's been shown to anecdotally to increase nitric oxide levels. People notice a great pump from it. Also it can increase your pain threshold too, which is nice. Especially, where you are going through high intensity workouts.

Next two ingredients, Valine and Norvaline. These two, Norvaline is just an analog of valine. These two have been shown to inhibit arginase. Arginase is an enzyme in the body that breaks down arginine. So, thus, lowering nitric-oxide levels.

So, if you're taking these, they may lead to an increase in nitric-oxide levels. The issue, though, is a lot of times it has been studied in people who have vascular diseases. So, if you're an otherwise healthy person . . . if you are unhealthy and have a vascular disease, it has shown to increase nitric-oxide levels, but if you're healthy, there really hasn't been much research to show that it does have that effect. But, nonetheless, it's in here and I think they're hoping that it's going to have that effect.

Then you've got vitamin B3, which is niacin. It's 32 milligrams so you may notice that flush on your face feeling. A lot of people look forward to that when taking niacin, kind of like [inaudible 00:03:49], you get the tingles in the face.

And then the last part of this is the vitamin B9, and this is 5-Methyl-Tetra-Hydro-Folate. This is actually the bio-available form of folate or folic acid, as a lot of people call it. It's what circulates the blood, when they test for folate levels, that's what they test for.

And it hasn't shown increased nitric-oxide synthase or the building or production of nitric-oxide when people are in vascular disease states. So how much of an effect is going to have on somebody who is otherwise healthy, we don't know. But for people who have those vascular diseases it has increased that, so that's nice.

Next, Cell Volumization Matrix. Taurine, 25 milligrams. This is popular in a lot of products. It does cell volumizing. It actually can increase the amount of liquid or fluid in the cells making the cell appear fuller.

Same with the next ingredient, HydroMax, 65 percent glycerol powder. There's about 1100 milligrams of that. That will actually enhance the blood volume, so you've got something increasing the volume inside the cell and also the volume of the blood. So that's what the pumps are going to come from as well.

Okay, now we're getting into their strength and endurance matrix. First ingredient, Theobroma Cacao Extract, standardized for 20 percent theobromine. So this cacao comes from chocolate. Theobromine is the chemical inside chocolate that has been linked to people, the reason why people can get addicted to chocolate. It can have a little bit of an aphrodisiac effect. It's similar to caffeine in that it can enhance your energy level, can increase your heart rate, but obviously not as strong as caffeine.

So they're looking to give you something to give you a little bit of an energy boost but without the caffeine jitters and things like that. And it seems to be a relatively low dose, which is good. So if you take these close to bed, you shouldn't have a problem with going to sleep.

Next ingredient, RC-NOS, or RC-NOS, it's actually trademarked, it's standardized at 98 Rutaecarpine. This is an ingredient that actually inhibits an enzyme that breaks down caffeine. And also breaks down theobromine. So, the nice thing is, if you take this with caffeine or theobromine, it can enhance the half-life of those ingredients. They're allowed to stay in the system longer.

There is a loop though that if you take it for prolonged period of time, your body makes up for that. Your body actually will produce more of that enzyme. So in the long run it may increase the clearance of caffeine and theobromine in the body, but in the short term, you're going to notice an increase in the time the caffeine or theobromine is in the body. Sort of works both ways. If you're taking this every single day, you may not get that effect, but the first few days you should notice an enhancement in the time that it's run in the body.

And then lastly, policosanol, often used as a cholesterol-lowering supplement, but has been shown to increase endurance. So, that's the product, or the ingredients that are inside here. Can be taken by a man or woman, not gender specific.

So if you're looking for something that's non- stimulating. And I say that, being that it does have the theobromine, but it's not going to stimulate you like caffeine and things like that will. Think of chocolate, the way chocolate would stimulate you. It's not going to get you all crazy.

But if you want something non-stimulative to take as a pre-workout, or just something to take during your workout, or anything you want to enhance your pumps, that's [what it earns] and this would be the product. So, yeah, like I said, man or woman, it comes in two flavors, dragon fruit and apple. And I think that covers it.

You guys have any questions go and post them in the comments section. If you like the video, give me a thumbs up. And you can also find us on Facebook at facebook.com/bestpricenutrition. Thank you.


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Dr. Oz The Importance Of Vitamin D3

Dec 15, 2014 3:24:28 PM

Dr. Oz Vitamin D3


Your body is a complicated puzzle. And when you don’t get enough of certain vitamins the puzzle can fall apart. Vitamin D is the number one thing you need more of! 75% of you could be affected by heart disease, memory loss; weight gain, depression, and cancer if you don’t get enough of vitamin D. When you get enough of vitamin D in your diet it can help prevent all these.  

The D Stands for Defense against diseases like cancer, dementia, and diabetes. The D also stands for deficient because so many of you are not receiving enough of Vitamin D.  The reason for this could vary from person to person, but the most common reason is you’re inside too much, you’re working longest hours and missing out on the sun which is the biggest source of vitamin D, you’re not eating the right foods that are rich in Vitamin D, or you’re simply getting older.

When your body is not receiving enough vitamin D you can become vulnerable to many of these deficiencies and diseases. So it is extremely important that you recognize the signs of low vitamin D.

How do you know of you need more vitamin D?

  • Do you stay indoors for 8 hours or more a day?
  • If you consider yourself over weight?
  • Do you consider yourself moody?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more one of these then the chances are you need more vitamin D. But not to worry! Not working 8 hours a day is not an option for most of us. But there is other ways to get the right amount you need to stay healthy. Dr. Oz recommends that people should take 1,000 units of vitamin D at first, and if after a few months they don’t feel better, then they should start taking 2,000 units.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3 2000IU 120 Caps


This Garden of Life product will offer you the extraordinary benefits of increasing your Vitamin D3 intake, recently new research has arisen that shows that most people are deficient in this vital nutrient.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3 2000IU 120 Caps is also a raw supplement meaning:

  • Uncooked, untreated, unadulterated
  • No binders or fillers
  • Live probiotics and enzymes
  • Try RAW Vitamin D3 from Garden of Life, a RAW, whole food derived formula


Adults take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. May be taken with or without food. Capsules may be opened and contents may be added to water or raw juice. Not intended for children.

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12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!

Dec 12, 2014 9:50:27 AM

12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!

holiday giveaways

We welcome everyone to partake in our 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways which starts Saturday December 13, 2014. We will be giving away different supplements and products every single day for the next 12 consecutive days! In order to participate in our holiday giveaways, you have to make sure you like us on Facebook.

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Genomyx EVOL RED

Dec 10, 2014 9:09:33 AM

Genomyx EVOL RED

Genomyx products usual have the typical blue labels on all their products.  A couple months ago they had released their new product Stimaholic, but this time it was I an all red bottle and was called Stimaholic Red. The original Evol (in blue) was a powerful pre-workout amplifier powered by the main ingredient, AMP Citrate. Along with the Blue Evol being a powerful pre-workout amplifier it was also deemed as an incredible tasty one too. The expected flavors for Red are to be the same with Fruit Punch and Razonade. There also might be a new special flavor but that hasn’t been confirmed by Genomyx yet.


  • Savage Energy Focus
  • Performance Endurance
  • Pump & Vascularity

Possible Flavors:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Razonade
  • ???

As of now there hasn’t been much information leaked. Once there is more information on the ingredients, flavors we will be sure to update you!

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Genomyx Non-stimulant pre-workout PUMPaholic

In case the name didn’t give it away, PUMPaholic by Genomyx is an upcoming new pre-workout! This is going to be a pre-workout with no stimulants, deliver huge pumps, and give you intense vascularity. When Genomyx comes out with a product they are extremely confidential! They have yet to release any flavors, serving size, and they have also not released any of the ingredients. As of now the only information Genomyx has released to anyone is just the name and that it is a non-stimulant pre-workout that would be great to stack with their new product STIMaholic. As soon as there is more information about this product we will update you! Make sure you look for it on our Facebook  

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BPI Sports Fatburning Softgels Roxy

Dec 5, 2014 11:01:33 AM

BPI Sports Roxy Fat Burning Softgels

Weight loss has just gotten faster with the soon to be released fat burner by BPI Sports. BPI Sports new fat burner, Roxy is a newly discovered advanced fast-acting thermogenic soft gel supplement that promotes a precise dosage to deliver rapid key weight loss ingredients. This new thermogenic fat burner is set to be released sometime early 2015.

Advantage Of SoftGels


When taking a fat burner the main goal is obviously to burn fat. But how the pill is designed and what ingredients are used will determine how fast or slow the fat burner will work and how well you will perform while supplementing one into your diet. For this specific fat burner BPI decided to use a softgel because of the way it will react in your body. A softgel is an increased way of bioavailability, meaning that your body will be able to consume the ingredients faster and maximize the absorption making the pill work faster. Soft gel capsules are also more acceptable to a uniform distribution of the active ingredients, helping the supplement evenly distribute the ingredients quicker and more efficiently

Are SoftGels Safe?

One common question people have is, are softgels safe? And the quick answer is yes! Softgels are hermetically sealed, protecting the ingredients from oxygen helping to increase the stability of the active ingredients. Because of the way each capsule is sealed and liquid filled, is keeps the softgels away from any damage and restricts any tampering of the capsule.


  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Fast Acting

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The Beef Standard Protein by Betancourt Nutrition

The Beef Standard by Betancourt Nutrition has just set the new standard for beef protein. Betancourt Nutrition manufacture’s its products in NSF certified cGMP facilities and sources its hydrolyzed beef protein isolate from fresh beef raw material in a USDA inspected facility. Betancourt Nutrition only uses trademarked BeefISO™ to ensure the highest quality of protein. This all beef protein is a protein rich in peptides and growth factors.

Gelatin Free

This all beef protein is completely free of Gelatin. Gelatin is a protein that is notorious for being a protein source that is low in bioavailability and non-ideal for promoting growth. Beware!  If you see gelatin anywhere on the label of a beef protein bottle you want to steer clear. Gelatin is from a bovine source of beef protein content but it is a poor source of protein to support muscle recovery and performance.

Coming Soon

The Beef Standard Betancourt Nutrition protein sets the high standard for beef protein. This is a high standard Beefiso Hydrolyzed been protein isolate. This is coming in a 28 serving bottle in the flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cinnamon Swirl. This is coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for the best beef protein to hit shelves this year!


  • Zero fat
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • Zero Soy
  • Zero Sugar
  • Gelatin Free
  • 3g or creatine per serving
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon Swirl


  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon Swirl

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