Body Nutrition Mad Dog Pre WorkoutWe just got some new information that Body Nutrition (the creators of the popular Trutein) just came out with a new pre-workout supplement called Mad Dog! This came out of nowhere, as just like everyone else, we thought of Body Nutrition as just a protein company...and no they come out of nowhere with their new pre-workout supplement!

I like the look of the bottle. A lot different than what you would normally see out there from some of the top companies. A big mad dog...just like what the product is supposed to do to you right?

What is Mad Dog?

We don't know too much right now, but we will be one of the first retailers to have this new pre-workout supplement. We should have the full ingredient list within the next week or so, and if the bottle tells us anything, it should be a pretty powerful pre-workout formula. For now, we can just look at the picture of the Mad Dog product. Looking at the front of the label, it's for:

  • Madness (lol)
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Pump
  • 30 Servings

What am I most excited about? The flavor! We heard from the owners that the first flavor is lemon lime. Not the most exciting flavor, but I guess you have to start somewhere!

As soon as Mad Dog is here, we will announce it on our Facebook page and probably send out an email so make sure to get on our list!

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Body Nutrition Pumkpin Pie Protein

Oct 29, 2014 2:25:54 PM

 Body Nutrition Pumkpin Pie Protein


Body Nutrition is back with Pumpkin Pie Trutein! This mouthwatering protein is a premium protein blend of 40% Whey, 40% Micellar Casein & 20% Egg White. The benefits of supplementing all three of these blends, micellar casein, egg white, along with whey are their very different rates of absorption. Whey is quickly broken down within an hour, egg proteins are absorbed within 2.5 to 3 hours and micellar caseins are digested over the course of 7 hours. When you take all 3 of these blends together you are able to stabilize total-body amino acid saturation to continually fuel muscle synthesis & recovery.

Get the best tasting protein for a limited time only! This 3 blend protein is one of the most delicious tasting on the market! Get it now at!

pie factgs


  • 24G Protein Per Scoop
  • Non-Proprietary 40% Whey, 40% Micellar Casein, 20% Egg White Blend
  • Gluten Free
  • Contains No Wheat or Gluten Ingredients
  • 5.9G BCAAs & 5.1Glutamine
  • 2.7g Leucine, 1.5g Isoleucine, & 1.7g Valine for Muscle Synthesis & Recovery\
  • Prebiotic Fibers & Enzymes
  • Prebiotic Inulin Fiber & Protease Enzymes Promote Digestive Health
  • Low Carbs & Low Sodium

 pie nutrition

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BPN Halloween Contest

Grab your Halloween treats, you fearless evil hunter!

This Halloween, the buffest ghost from the dead is here and he wants to lift with you!

Gather your guts and step into our spooky contest, find all the 3 spots where 'Buff' the ghost is hiding on our website and get your sweet Halloween prize! He could be anywhere on our website, so look closely and be careful! (But don't worry...he didn't hide that well)

How to Win

3 Random Hunters who send me all 3 links where he is hiding by midnight on Oct 30th will win! Remember, email me at with all the links you find where "Buff' is hiding!


$100 in Supplements Each to 3 Lucky Hunters!

  • 1 Winner will win a fat loss supplement package
  • 1 Winner will win a pump supplement package
  • 1 Winner will win a muscle building supplement package

Good Luck & Start Hunting!!!

PS - The ghost on this page is just for annoucing the contest. This specific image of him is not part of the contest.

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ETB Whey Pure Isolate Review

Oct 28, 2014 9:41:03 AM

Eat the BearI was given the chance to review some products from Eat The Bear last week and took full advantage of it. They sent me a great box with a load of samples withiin it. I decided to write a review of a couple of the products and my associate will also be writing a couple reviews of the products he tried.

Pure Whey Protein Isolate

The first review I will be doing is on the pure whey protein Isolate. I was sent Cinnamon Bun and Ice Cream Sandwich. I was actually really excited to see these flavors. I really knew nothing about this company, but these flavors looked delicious!

Being an isolate, I knew it would be tough to get a lot of flavor out of it. I mean, when you think of delicious proteins you think of companies like Trutein. But with Trutein, it's a blend, which means more fat, which means more taste. It's tough to do with an isolate. I was ready to try both though. So I went to go workout and after I was finished I started with the first flavor.

Cinnamon Bun Eat the Bear Protein

So it mixed up easily in my blender bottle. Being an isolate, they usually do. I added about 8oz of cold water to the one serving of ETB's protein. The taste was very crisp and clean. Not too overwelming, but it was spot on. Tasted exactly like a cinnamon bun. If you have a sweet tooth, this is really going to hit the spot for you. All this taste in only 100 you get 25 grams of protein. I could drink this all day long. If I was going to purchase this product, this just might be the flavor for me.

Ice Cream Sandwich Eat the Bear Protein

The next day I headed back to the gym, did my regular thing, cleaned up and was ready to try the next flavor of this protein. I love ice cream sandwiches, though my diet doesn't allow me to eat them that much. Again, I filled my blender bottle with about 8oz of cold water. Looking the mix, almost looked like their were bits of ice cream sandwich in the actual protein. Now the taste of this stuff was spot on as well. It was actually like drinking an ice cream sandwish, but no fat, only 110 calories and 25 grams of protein! The flavor did taste like a few Cookies N Cream proteins I have had in the past, but now I am thinking, maybe those proteins were Ice Cream Sandwich flavors actually!

Final Thoughts

I used to have to get these flavors from blended proteins...seemed like the only way to have them taste good. Now I see there is an alternative. If you want a lighter protein shake, with less calories and are counting your macros, you really should give Eat the Bear a try. Their protein shake flavoring is spot on. Now I didn't get to try Chocolate, Vanilla or Chocolate Peanut Butter...and I am not sure I need to...if I decided to pick up a bottle of this, I would probably do one of these two flavors, they are just that good.

Here at Best Price Nutrition we are looking to carry this brand in the future. Right now you can purchase it online at

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Too Much Junk Food

Oct 22, 2014 8:54:52 AM

Too Much Junk Food


Cutting out junk food in your diet can drastically change your weight. All those sugars, fats, and processed food is overkill on your body and in the long run makes you gain mass amounts of weight. Eating these foods on a daily bases can make you become fatigued and have a lack of energy.

Dr. Oz said that when you eat a burger, the food gets broken down in the intestine and raises the cholesterol. Cholesterol, over time, causes damage to the walls of the arteries that creates scarring that gets narrower and narrower until it blocks off blood to the organs. Just imagine what happens if you eat burgers and other fast foods on a daily bases! It can be catastrophic for you body and I the long run do you incredible harm.

Dr. Oz has showed a new study that if you eat 14 walnuts a day, it showed a significant improvement in blood vessel function. If cutting out all those processed foods and replacing your appetite with just 14 walnuts a day you can improve your blood vessel functions dramatically. Try Now Foods Walnuts to improve your life style now!

Now Foods Walnuts 12 oz

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The Dr. Oz Way to Reverse Sun Damage

Oct 21, 2014 3:48:03 PM

The Dr. Oz Way to Reverse Sun Damage

Dr. Oz recently had a segment on his show explaining how to reverse the damage the sun may have caused on your body.  If you are someone who tans all the time in the sun, then you have a bad habit. 

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Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Beef

Ronnie Coleman, the professional bodybuilder who holds eight straight wins as Mr. Olympia, has released his new product King Mass to go along with the Ronnie Coleman signature series. King beef is an all-beef protein that will be available in stores any day this week. King Beef is expected to be in 2 sizes, a 28 serving and 50 serving tubs. The two flavors are going to be chocolate and fruit punch. Once more information has been released we will update you!


  • Zero Sugar, Zero Cholesterol, Low Fat
  • Mouth Watering Flavor
  • Premium Beef Protein Isolate
  • Carbs are derived from Sweet Potatoes
  • Muscle Building Recovery Support


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Bears vs Dolphins Football Contest

Oct 17, 2014 3:16:04 PM

Sunday Night Football Contest!


This Sunday night game 10/19/2014 Chicago Bears VS Miami Dolphins, Best Price Nutrition will be holding a football contests for the person who answers the contest question correctly. If there are multiple people who choose the same answer, all names will be entered into a raffle and randomly chosen to win the prize.


What team do you think is going to win? And tell us why you want iForce Nutrition Thermoxyn?


  • iForce Nutrition Thermoxyn

* Winner chosen can only be from the United States

Contest ends Sunday 10/19/2014 at 12:00pm central time right as the game begins. No comments after then will be accepted! We will check!  Good Luck!


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It seems like I have been writing a lot about LeCheek Nutrition lately. Why? Because not only being a great company, they have been coming out with a ton of new products. They have even went through a change in the bottles and logo. Almost re-inventing themselves. What products have they came out with recently? Hottie, Amino Test and now...Speed X3 Test.

Wait...Don't They Already Have Speed X3 Test?

Currently there is just a Speed X3 supplement, this is the new Test version of this product. And by test, I don't mean like, let's test this's actually part of the name. Same with Amino Test, which they came out with recently. 

So what is the difference between Speed X3 and Speed X3 Test?

The main difference is the addition of testosterone boosters. So no longer is this just a pre-workout supplement. It's now a pre-workout supplement fueled by testosterone. This testosterone is elevated with the use of N-Methyl D-Aspartic Acid. This has been a very popular test booster for a few years now due to the studies showing it increased testosterone by 144%...that's a good amount!

Details About Speed X3 Test

  • N-Methyl D-Aspartic Acid
  • New Flavor: Grape
  • Intense Pre-Workout Energy & Pumps

I personally have used Speed X3 quite a few times in the past, so I am excited to see the difference this product has with the original. Hopefully we will be in contact with LeCheek Nutrition and we can do some giveaways through our Facebook page for this product!

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LeCheek Nutrition Amino Test is Here

Oct 17, 2014 9:35:21 AM

It's been quite a year for LeCheek Nutrition. They have been coming out with a ton of new products. From Amino supplements to test boosters, this company is building a great line and a great name for itself. This new supplement coming soon to Best Price Nutrition is called Amino Test. Other products recently released by them were Hottie and Speed X3 Test.

What is Amino Test

This is a new BCAA (Branch Chained Amino Acid) supplement that has a great ratio of bcaa's. Many people take this type of supplement for better recovery and to hold onto muscle, especially when on a diet. We are in contact with LeCheek Nutrition to find more information about this product. At this moment we don't know too much, except Amino Test is a BCAA supplement and we know some of the flavors.

Flavors of Amino Test

  • Grape Flavor
  • Watermelon Flavor

When Can You Get It?

Best Price Nutrition should be one of the first companies to stock this new amino acid supplement as we carry the complete line of LeCheek Nutrition. We are hoping to have some giveaways soon as well for all the new products on our Facebook page.

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