Universal Animal Pak 101

Universal Animal Pak 101

Universal Animal Pak 101

This is one of our most popular vitamins for bodybuilders. It's been in the industry for a couple decades and is from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business...Universal Nutrition. This is why we decide to put together a list of the questions we receive from customers every year. This should help answer an questions you have about Animal Pak and if it's right for you. Enjoy!

Q: Are there any side effects to taking Animal Pak?

A:  An upset stomach is possible due to the amount of pills therefore it is recommend one take Animal Pak with food to avoid this.

Q: When should I take Animal Pak?

A: For those using 1 Pak per day at can be used at anytime with a meal. Those opting to use 2 packs per day due to higher activity level should take one pack with breakfast and one pack with dinner. This will ensure water soluble vitamins are replenished upon taking the second dose. 

Q: Is Animal Pak worth it? It is good or bad for you?

A: Depends on which nutrients one is seeking to ensure nutrient density.

Q: Does Animal Pak give you energy?

A: Animal Pak can help provide energy however this should not be confused with energy one gets from CNS stimulants such as caffeine.

Q: Is Animal Pak Necessary?

A: This is something that is often debated. Some think there are nutrients in this that are not needed others feel it is necessary to have all of them. There is nothing harmful in it for otherwise healthy individuals so if one feels they need these nutrients to ensure nutrient density its fine. Bottom line is it depends on the individual. 

Q: Is Animal Pak time Released?

A: No it is not time released and there is no reason it should be. If you take it with a large meal that alone will slow gastric emptying rate and consequently will be time released.

Q: Does Animal Pak make you bigger?

A: Not directly as it is a micronutrient supplement. Indirectly it can help as one needs these nutrients for things such as protein synthesis to be maximized.

Q: What is it used for?

A: It’s a multivitamin/mineral pack used to ensure the coenzymes are not limiting.

Q: Is it under dosed?

A: In terms of some ingredients it is, example being alpha lipoic acid.

Q: Does it increase testosterone?

A: No it will not directly raise testosterone.

Q: Does it increase muscle size?

A: Not directly, rather nutrient density ensures your body is functioning properly to maximize growth potential.

Q: Is it illegal?

A: No.

Q: Is it hard on the liver?

A: No, there is nothing in Animal Pak that will have negative effects on the liver.  In fact Animal Pak has ingredients such as Milk Thistle which are hepatoprotective. 

Q: Is it a pre-workout?

A: No it is not a pre-workout.

Q: Is it a steroid?

A: No it is not a steroid nor does it contain anything that can be confused as one.

Q: Does it dissolve?

A: The tablets in Animal Pak will dissolve in ones GI tract, those who claim it will not are incorrect. Consider the fact that a healthy stomach has a pH of ~2.

Q: Does it dehydrate you?

A: No it does not dehydrate.

Q: Is it FDA approved?

A: No it is not FDA approved. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA. This leads many to falsely assume they are inherently unsafe however this is not true. First of all reputable manufacturers have every incentive to ensure the safety. The notion that an understaffed regulatory body will make everything better is naïve. Third parties not directly effected by transactions are not better than an informed consumer.

Q: Is it gluten free?

A: It is not certified gluten free however there is not any added gluten. Please note they are made in a facility that does contain gluten so there is a possibility for cross contamination this would only be a concern for those who are very sensitive.

Q: Is it good for runners?

A:  Animal Pak can helpful for all types of athletes as ensuring nutrient density should be a goal for all.

Q: Is it just for bodybuilders?

A: No, Animal Pak can be used by anyone looking to ensure they are getting all of their vitamins and minerals.

Q: Does it have joint support?

A: No it does not have specific joint health ingredients.

Q: Will it keep you awake?

A: Animal Pak is stimulant free so it is not something that will keep you awake.

Q: It is NCAA approved?

A: Animal Pak is not specifically approved by the NCAA.

Q: Is it legal in Canada/Australia?

A: Animal Pak is not allowed in Australia. It is available in Canada.

Q: Does it have ZMA?

A: Animal Pak does not have ZMA.

Q: Does it have Zinc?

A: Yes Animal Pak has 30mg of Zinc

Q: Can women take it?

A: Yes women can take Animal Pak, however the lack of iron may make another multivitamin pack better for pre-menopausal women.

Q: Is it vegan/vegetarian friendly?

A:  No, it does contain animal products.

Q: Is it bad for your kidneys?

A: There is nothing in Animal Pak that will adversely affect kidney health.

Q: Will it make you gain weight?

A: There are very few calories in Animal Pak so it will not cause one to gain weight.

Q: Will it help you lose weight?

A: Animal Pak is not a fat burner supplement. It will not adversely affect ones fat loss goals. Also in many cases it is helpful as most are taking in less food while dieting so it makes getting all your nutrient from food alone more challenging. Therefore Animal Pak can help ensure a nutrient dense diet.

Q: Can I take it on an empty stomach?

A: It is not recommended

Q: Does it cause acne?

A: No there is nothing in Animal Pak that causes acne.

Q: Does it have BCAAs?

A: It does have a small amount of BCAAs. The amount in this should not take the place of BCAAs in ones protein.

Q: Does it raise blood pressure?

A: There is nothing in Animal Pak that would raise ones blood pressure.

Q: Does it increase libido?

A: There is nothing in Animal Pak that will directly raise libido.

Q: Will it show up on a drug test?

A: There is nothing in Animal Pak that should cause one to fail a drug test. That being said if one is competing in an athletic organization it is always good to double check with the governing body.

Q: Can I take it on non-training days?

A: Yes you can and should take it on non-training days.

Q: Does it have fish oil?

A: No there are not any added omega 3 fats to Animal Pak.

Q: Does it have nitric oxide?

A: No there are not any nitric oxide increasing ingredients in Animal Pak.

If you have any other questions about this product, please let us know! Otherwise you can purchase Animal Pak for $28.49 here at Best Price Nutrition!

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