5 Supplements to Help Relieve Back Pumps

5 Supplements to Help Relieve Back Pumps

Here at BestPriceNutrition.Com one of our hottest selling product categories right up there with Fat Burners is the ProHormone category. If you've ever taken ProHormones, there's a fair chance you've dealt with Back Pumps, the bane of every ProHormone user. 

For those of you not familiar with what Back Pumps are, Back Pumps often happen when taking a ProHormone Cycle, and it's one of the most common side effects ProHormone users experience. While we don't really fully know what causes Back Pumps, the thought is that back pumps are caused by increased blood flow to a region, while others theorize that those on a prohormone cycle are working harder in the gym and are more prone to overworking their muscles. Regardless of what the reason, backpumps aren't pleasant which is why the topic of how to get rid of or soothe back pumps is such a hot topic online. 

When it comes to back pumps there are some things we can do to hopefully prevent them from happening, or at the very least deal with them when we begin experiencing them. This includes things like drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated, getting enough electrolytes, and stretching as well as using foam rollers. 

There are however some supplements that can be taken, and while we don't fully know why they are effective, many ProHormone users report experiencing taking these supplements and getting relief from their backpumps, so in today's post we're going to be covering 5 Supplements that may help to alleviate your back pumps. 



Taurine is a great supplement that helps support healthy blood sugar levels, helps regulate oxidative stress, and supports energy production. It also however seems to help greatly with back pumps. While we don't fully know why or how it helps, this seems to be the most recommended supplement and solution out there for ProHormone users experiencing backpumps. Taurine helps to balance electrolytes in the kidneys, this is probably the most commonly recommended solution for dealing with backpumps. It's also great that it's an incredibly cheap suppement to purchase. A 125 serving tub of Prime Nutrition Taurine only runs $10.99. 

Potassium is another supplement known to help with backpumps. Potassium is a mineral our bodies need to function properly, and they are a type of electrolyte that helps our nerves function and our muscles contract. Potassium is probably the second most recommended supplement to take if you're experiencing back pumps. While you're taking ProHormones try to increase your intake of potassium. When most of us think of Potassium we probably think of Bananas. A Banana typically contains about 420mg of potassium, however there's plenty of other foods which are rich in potassium including spinach, broccoli and other leafy greens, sweet potatoes, raisins, zuchini, and eggplant, among others. If you're struggling to get enough potassium in your diet you can supplement with potassium and like taurine this is a very cost effective supplement. You can pickup a 100 veggie cap bottle of potassium at 99mg per capsule for just $6.99. 

Backpumps are a type of cram, and generally speaking, a lack of hydration is oftentimes the culprit when it comes to cramps. While we can get electrolytes through our diet, there's also a lot of great electrolyte and hydration supplements hitting the market here in 2020/2021, one of them being Glaxon's All New Astrolyte wich is a hydration, electrolyte, and prebiotic supplement. Besides being a tasty pre, intra, or post workout drink, it also helps prevent cramps, supports heightened muscle contractions, as well as a healthy gut. If you're experiencing backpumps and would like to try to keep your body more hydrated you can't go wrong with Glaxon Astrolyte for hydration and electrolytes. 

Magnesium is one of my personal favorite supplements, and regardless of whether you experience back pumps or not it's a mineral I highly recommend you look into potentially taking. It helps regulate blood pressure, supports healthy bone growth, and alleviates symptoms of anxiety making it great to take before bed. Magnesium is a supplement which has been clinically shown to be an effective treatment for nerve pain. It seems to help the muscles and nerves relax and again is great for relaxation so if you experience back pumps while lying in bed at night trying to fall asleep, I'd definitely recommend giving magnesium a try. This one is also a very cost effective supplement. While there are even cheaper alternatives available on our site from Now Foods, I'm a big fan of Life Extensions 500mg Magnesium Capsules which run just $9 for a 100 capsule bottle. 

The last supplement we're going to recommend is Pacific Health Laboratories Accelerade. This is a lesser known product and brand among the general public, but among endurance athletes, cyclists, and runners this stuff is gold. Accelerade helps to extend endurance, enhance rehydration, and speeds up post training recovery. It also brings together a number of the previous supplements we've discussed into a single formula and a tasty drink. Accelerade contains electrolytes like Sodium and Potassium, it also has a bit of carbs and protein to help feed muscles, prevent muscle waste, and support muscle repair, and it has 30% of your daily needed alotment of magensium as well. 

May 20th 2023

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