10 People Share How They Got Started Taking Supplements

10 People Share How They Got Started Taking Supplements
First Supplement Ever Taken

These days supplements are pretty mainstream, however it wasn't always that way, the supplement space, and supplement use has grown tremendously in recent years.

We were curious to hear stories from our customers and readers about how they first got started with supplementation, as well as their story of the first supplement they ever tried. For a lot of guys it was Creatine supplements as high school athletes, for a lot of women it was health and beauty supplements. In today's post we're going to be sharing 10 individuals stories of how they got started with supplementation, and the first supplement they ever took. 

I'll kick it off to start. The first supplement I ever took was Creatine, I started taking it my Freshmen year of high school when I was playing high school football, baseball and running track, it was around this time I started working out as well. I don't recall who introduced me to creatine, I assume a coach or teammate of mine probably suggested it. I remember mixing it into a glass of orange juice and drinking it before heading into my basement to workout every night. Supplements have always been a part of my health routine, however since working here at Best Price Nutrition I've become aware and had a chance to try a lot more supplements. There's so much great stuff out there it can be overhwelming as to what to take and it can quickly get very expensive, but my core supplements I take these days besides some Vitamins are Glaxon Supergreens and Psyllium Husk Fiber every morning. I also take Tongkat Ali, Arginine, Pycnogenol, and I recently started taking Turkesterone which I was skeptical of at first but I'm seeing huge muscle gains from. 

Without further due let's kick off this article and hear about others and their introduction to the world of supplements. 

Thomas Jepson of PassionPlans.Com

The first supplement I ever took was Lecithin. I started taking lecithin because of intersting medical studies which showed its potential for improving a condition I supper from. I followed that up with Vitamins D, C and B12 as I've found they help support my mood in the winter when it's grey outside. 

Robert Herbst of W8LifterUSA.Com

  My first supplement was protein back in the '70s'. It was soy, tasted terrible and dissolved poorly and sometimes I wanted to gag. I stuck with it because the muscle magazines said it would help make me bigger and stronger. Protein got better and I now have chocolate flavored whey protein twice a day and have for years. I also took liver pills. I thought they were a great source of B complex, iron, and protein but the industry thought otherwise and they stopped making them. I also cycle on and off creatine and take more of it on training days. It is one of the only supplements that really work. I also take large doses of vitamins such as B,C, and E and multiminerals daily. The results speak for themselves: I am fit, never get sick, and made it to the Hall of Fame.

Heather Hanks MS CAM

I can vividly recall the first time I walked into a vitamin shop and spent $30 on a whole food multivitamin. At the time, I could not believe I spent that much money on vitamins (now, it's just a drop in the bucket), but I also remember that it made me feel better IMMEDIATELY!

This particular product had probiotics in it and I remember my mood and gut feeling better almost within 20 minutes of taking it. I felt relief right away.

Now, I rely on a wide range of supplements daily to keep my Crohn's disease in remission and help me feel my best. Depending on what you take, many supplements have proven health benefits.

Personally, I take a multivitamin, probiotics, turmeric, krill oil, and l-glutamine daily. Along with a clean diet, I truly believe these supplements have kept me off medication and out of surgery.

Ellie Busby Founder of Vojo

The first supplement I ever took was Vitamin B12. I went vegan about 10 years back but it was only when I started studying nutrition back in 2016 that I realized supplementing is extremely important so I continued learning about supplements, the best forms of supplements and more about nutrition. I supplement regularly these days and while I do sometimes forget I always feel much better when I take my supplements. 

Lauren Grey Clinical Dietician

My first supplement I ever took was Vitamin D. Living in a climate which is often cloudy inhibits our exposure to the sun so my family would take Vitamin D as it was advised by our general doctor and the psychiatrist. Vitamin D is a strenghtening supplement that supports bone health and mood. A few years back my mother had a cancer scare and started taking a much more wholesome diet and started using supplements to better absorb more essential vitamins and minerals into her body. She encouraged everyone in my family to do the same. I still take supplements to this day and allocate a monthly budget to supplements. Not much has changed over the years just a few additions and substractions depending on the current state of my health. Supplements are especially important during the pandemic where a good immune system is priceless!

Ariana O'Keefe PR Specialist with GetKion.Com

The first supplement I ever took was Essential Amino Acids and I started at a very young age probably 4 or 5 years old. My mom introduced me to aminos as a young child. My parents owned a health food store and my mom has always been obsessed with aminos and very into fitness. My mother was a master swimmer and took me to the gym with her as a kid. She would give me aminos and say "can't you feel it Angie" and as a kid I thought I could feel instant energy from my aminos. I still take supplements to this day. I started Kion and growing a business around supplements and their incredible impact on health, fitness and lifelong energy. 

Daniel Powers Herbal Researcher from BotanicalInstitute.Org

The first supplement I ever took was an echinacea based cold and flu formula which was given to me by my parents when I was probably 10 years old. At the time I didn't know how to swallow pills so I had to open the capsule up and put it into yogurt which I remember tasting terrible. Later on down the road in my teens the first supplement I ever took was Creatine Monohydrate which I purchased out of pocket with my own money. I used to take it every morning with a glass of grape juice. When I was growing up my dad worked in the supplement industry so as a kid taking supplements was a pretty normal part of our routine. I still take supplements to this day, about 10-15 capsules each day. My job consists of researching herbs and how they work so I'm always trying new ingredients and seeing how my body reacts to them. I also take all the basic supplements like multi-vitamins, fish oil, and Vitamin D as well. 

Erin Cooper of HungryFitFoodie.Com

The first supplement I ever took was a multivitamin called Beyond Tangy Tangerine. I initially began taking supplements because I was really sick and my naturopathic doctor recommended I take several supplements for each of the conditions I had at the time which were adult acne, seborrheic dermatitis, indigestion, and constipation. I still take supplements to this day. I take Beyond Tangy Tangerine because it has a lot of B Vitamins which put me in a good mood and provide me with energy. I've added collagen because it's really improved my skin including surgery scars that I had for years. I also take essential fatty acids which help in treating certain diseases and improving body composition and mental and physical performance. One last thing, I really love plant derived minerals because most of us don't eat enough raw vegetables and the foods most of us eat don't have the same concentration of minerals as they had in years gone by. I like to supplement with plant derived minerals so I can get all the trace minerals my body needs and for detoxification. 

Christine VanDoren of SportingSmiles.Com

I've been a personal trainer and nutritionist for over three years so I have quite a bit of experience with supplements and I've also worked in stores that sold supplements. The first supplement I ever took was a pre-workout. I had just graduated from high school and went from playing sports to getting started going to the gym. I had heard of preworkouts before but didn't know much about them. I remember the first day I took it I got hooked because it made me feel amazing! I didn't drink caffeine at all so it was able to give me a big boost with my workouts. About a year after that I began working at a gym where I learned much more about fitness including supplements. Today I take protein powders, powdered greens, preworkouts and an adrenal reset supplement. While it is tempting to take everything there is out there I have found that many supplements are costly and unecessary. 

Mehan Naeem RDN at TheCandidaDiet.Com

The first supplement I ever took was a calcium supplement when I was 12 years old. My doctor had suggested I take it because I had a muscle tetany problem and low calcium levels in my blood caused this. Doing so helped relieve my symptoms. I still take calcium supplements and I have since included Vitamin D. I believe suppementation effects my health to some extent, though my diet has also greatly influenced my helath in these years. 

John has years worth of experience working in the nutrition and supplement industry and has been working out and weight training since his teens. His other areas of expertise are SEO and Digital Marketing and when he's not in front of a screen John enjoys exploring the outdoors hiking and paddleboarding. 

May 20th 2023

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