Rumors of a Hi-Tech KRANK3D Energy Drink or RTD Preworkout Coming Soon

Rumors of a Hi-Tech KRANK3D Energy Drink or RTD Preworkout Coming Soon

We're hearing rumors that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has either an RTD Version or an Energy Drink Version of their KRANK3D Preworkout coming soon, and featuring DMHA. Hi-Tech's a brand known for their Hardcore supplements including DMHA Preworkouts and Fat Burners as well as Prohormones, though they do have a wide line-up of vitamins, minerals, herbs and overall health supplements as well.

A few months back Hi-Tech rolled out KRANK3D which seemed to replace Jack'D Up which was the brands other DMHA Preworkout which was discontinued a while back, they still do put out Ultimate Orange as well. KRANK3D is a DMHA Preworkout but where many preworkouts shine in the area of stims and fall flat in other areas, KRANK3D features a 590mg Neurogenic Energizer Blend featuring DMHA along with Caffeine, Theobromine, Phenylethalamine and Yohimbine Extract, but it also packs a powerful NO Amplification Matrix, an Anabolic Cell Volumizer Matrix and  Beta Alanine as well as two forms of Citrulline. It's a high stim preworkout but also a very well rounded preworkout. 

That's pretty much all we know at this point, it's unclear whether what's rolling out is going to be a carbonated Energy Drink or whether it will be an uncarbonated RTD Preworkout similar to products like Redcon1 Total War RTD or CBUM Thavage Preworkout in RTD form as over the past year we have seen more and more brands bringing their flagship preworkouts to RTD form. Personally I'm really hoping for a DMHA Fueled KRANK3D Carbonated Energy Drink. We also don't yet know what flavors will be coming over and whether the formula will remain the same or be tweaked for either an energy drink or RTD, typically the RTD forms of preworkouts vary a bit from the powdered form.

Regardless of what it is we're excited to see what Hi-Tech has in store with this all new version of KRANK3D. We'll bring you more info as we learn more.

Nov 30th 2023 John Frigo
John Frigo
John has been helping people in the fitness and nutrition industry for over 10 years. He is an avid biker, hiker and fitness enthusiast. Most notably, you can find him on Youtube instructing viewers about the newest products to hit the supplement industry.
John Frigo

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