V1 Nutra's Upcoming AWOL Energy Drink Asks Customers for Feedback on Can Designs

V1 Nutra's Upcoming AWOL Energy Drink Asks Customers for Feedback on Can Designs

Supplement brand V1 Nutra has recently been teasing out images of a new energy drink coming sometime later in 2024, and recently took to Instagram to ask fans which of several can designs they liked the best. If you're not familiar with V1 Nutra it's a newer supplement line owned by Fitness Influencer Konlan James Paul. While new the line is already packed full of supplement offerings including a variety of preworkouts, a clear protein, as well as basic supps like Creatine, Citrulline and Glycerols among others. 

A big trend in the past year or two in the supplement space has been sports nutrition brands getting into the energy drink game. REPP Sports kicked off this trend with their RAZE Energy Drink which spurred brands like RYSE, Redcon1 and others to get into the energy drink space, we're even hearing rumors Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals may be dropping an energy drink sometime later this year. 

Back to V1 Nutra and their AWOL Energy Drink, we don't know too much yet as it's still early in the process but their Instagram profile says its a small batch energy drink with a focus on "weird" or unique flavors. The flavor they've been teasing out has been a Candy Cantaloupe flavor. They also took to Instagram on the V1 Nutra account and posted some can designs asking their customers and fans for feedback on the can design and a couple of the images featured cans that said "Strawberry Sunrise" which from the can design and the sound of it were guessing may be a strawberry orange juice flavor possibly.

What we do know is AWOL Energy will feature zero sugar and zero calories along with 200mg of caffeine and that two likely flavors will be Candy Cantaloupe and Strawberry Sunrise. We'll likely have to wait a while to find out more about and to try AWOL as their Instagram page says coming in late 2024, however maybe they'll surprise us with some taste testing at The Arnold Sports Festival this weekend. We'll keep you updated as we learn more about V1 Nutra's AWOL Energy Drink.

Feb 26th 2024 John Frigo
John Frigo
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