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Top 10 Funniest Supplement Names

Top 10 Funniest Supplement Names


The sports nutrition and supplement industry is extremely saturated with new products coming out every day, so supplement companies either have to put out supplements with next generation ingredients or try and stand out with something unique. There are a ton of supplements with catchy names and there are others that are….well questionable at best. There are some supplements that come to mind that really stand out with names that are quite hilarious and we have compiled our top ten Funniest Supplement Names below.

Read Below To Find Out The Top 10

Enzymatic Therapy Hot Plants

10. Hot Plants For Him:

Hot Plants is a natural supplement that promotes a strong libido both in men and women and with a name like Hot Plants it should be very obvious that this a sexual support supplement. Just looking at that box is increasing libido with those plants strategically placed in the hot place. Now we don’t recommend walking around in public with plants in front of your hot parts but if you are looking for a supplement that will give a little extra you might want to pick up some hot plants.

Controlled Labs Green Bulge

9. Green Bulge:

Green Bulge is a creatine supplement for enhancing strength and performance but I bet you would never guess that by just going off the name. If anything it sounds like an arousal supplement for the Hulk or maybe a seasonal holiday supplement for St. Patricks Day. For whatever occasion you decide to consume some green bulge remember it’s just a name and not a side effect.

Pro Supps iLoad

8. iLoad

What exactly are we loading here…Muscles? Fuel? Storage Containers? Not really sure about the name but it just doesn’t make us think of a sports nutrition supplement. I can only imagine a commercial for this, “I-Load the next generation loader for advanced loading to get the load properly ready for the load so take I-Load and get your Loading on!” What is I-Load again? I don’t know what it’s for but where can I buy this I-Load supplement so I can get my Load on!

Nuclear Garbage Pre Workout

7. Nuclear Garbage

Now I would really like to meet the person who though that a name like nuclear garbage would entice someone into not only purchasing this product but actually consuming it. Now don’t get me wrong it could very well be a good product but if we judge a book by its cover or name rather then we might have to quarantine this one. Nuclear Garbage just seems like a strange supplement name with side effects that would include glowing skin, growing a third eye or turning you into a mutant. Nuclear Garbage might be right on in terms of performance results but the name…..DOH!!!

ALRI Poison

6. ALRI Poison

Now usually you want to stay away from products that have the word poison on the label and consuming anything with this indication would be a definite no no, but ALRI has named their fat burner this for a reason…cause it kills fat. Imagine telling the Doctor at your next appointment that the reason why you have been losing weight is because you are taking something called poison. Next thing you know you will be telling your friends and family to go pick up some poison.

Controlled Labs Golden Finish

5. Golden Finish

Golden Finish is a Post Workout Supplement specifically formulated to release that inner R. Kelly in you and we don’t see nothing wrong with a little pump and squat. After taking this post workout you are going to believe you can fly. Instead of sipping on some coke and rum why don’t you have some fun with a little Golden Finish. Golden Finish doesn’t sound like the best tasting flavor and thankfully this product tastes nothing  like you would think going by the name. So don’t keep this supplement Trapped in your closet go ahead and break ahead open some Golden Finish!

ALRI Lean Dreams

4. Lean Dreams

Lean Dreams is in interesting name for a sleep aid as it almost suggests all you have to do is Dream about being Lean and KAPOWWW fat be gone. This “when you wish upon a star” supplement contains ingredients that aid in sleep loss while you sleep, but don’t expect to wake up the next morning thinking you have just shed the fat off. Lean Dreams is a Sleep Aid that provides nutrients that work synergistically with your diet to promote weight loss and deeper sleep. Maybe they should have called it “work hard and fight the fat off aid” or “eat right and fat be gone”.

Genet X Phuck Fat

3. Phuck Fat

Really original right? Phuck Fat definitely gets the point across but it really doesn’t sound all that technical or like a clinically proven fat burner. Now does that mean it’s not good? No, but who the heck is going to buy something with that name on it? This guy below might.

Vigur Labs Ball Refill

2. Ball Refill

Ball Refill is a supplement specifically made for gym teachers that need help filling the flat balls in the gym closet. This ball filling aid is perfect for all types of sport balls like basketballs, soccer balls, volley balls and even….wait a minute. This is a supplement for what? No, you have to be kidding me. Why in the world would they even... Yup this is a supplement for Adults who need to refill their….well you know where we are going….ego.

Goliath Labs Ejaculoid

1. Ejaculoid

Uhm yeah….we will leave this one up to you about why this one is funny. Not even going to try….too obvious!


Well that was the top funniest names for supplements, if you know of any more hilarious supplement names please feel free to post those in the comment section below. The most liked comment on this post will receive a free sample bag with lots of goodies. Thanks and feel free to share this post! 

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