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What is Eria Jarensis?

What is Eria Jarensis?

Eria Jarensis?

Here at Best Price Nutrition we often get questions about certain ingredients found in pre-workouts. We'll also frequently have customers seeking out supplements that contain specific ingredients. One newer ingredient we've begun seeing in a ton of Pre-Workout Supplements and Fat Burners is the ingredient N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine, better known as Eria Jarensis, so in today's post we're going to do an ingredient profile and breakdown explaining what Eria Jarensis is, the effects you'll feel from it, uses, side effects, as well as some supplements we carry that contains Eria Jarensis. 

What is Eria Jarensis?

Eria Jarensis is a stimulant which has recently become very popular and is a common ingredient found in many pre-workout supplements and fat burners. Eria Jarensis is what's referred to as a "Neuromodulator" which affects the central nervous system and provides energy, focus, and what's probably most noticeable about Eria Jarensis to most users is the increase in mood and the positive sense of wellbeing. This is an effect which pretty much all stimulants including caffeine have, however it's incredibly noticeable in Eria Jarensis. 

Why is Eria Jarensis Used?

Eria Jarensis is a plant which contains powerful alkaloids. When extracted this is a source of N-Phenyl Dimethylamine. Ever since DMAA was taken off the market and taken out of sports nutrition supplements Eria Jarensis has become a popular substitute to help fill the void. 

In addition to energy and focus which are sought after features of fat burners and pre-workouts, Eria Jarensis Extract provides a boost to users moods due to it's ability to increase noradrenaline and dopamine. When dopamine and noradrenaline levels increase users will feel a heightened alertness, enhanced focus and concentration and a mild euphoric feeling.

Does Eria Jarensis Have Side Effects?

Eria Jarensis hasn't undergone as much research and study as many other ingredients like caffeine for example, but it hs been studied a bit and reported potential side effects can include a slight crash when the effects wear off, and rarely an increased rapid heart rate and/or increase in blood pressure. 

How Long Does Eria Jarensis Last?

Eria Jarensis is an ingredient which is processed quickly by the body and which has a short half life so it's best taken immediately before a workout. Eria Jarensis is typically processed out of the body within about 10 minutes. It's a great ingredient to get  you into the gym and get you motivated and by the time the Eria Jarensis in your pre-workout is wearing off, the other stimulants as well as your training high have kicked in to keep you motivated and powered through your workout. 

Is Eria Jarensis Banned?

Here in the United States Eria Jarensis is completely legal and is a common ingredient in many thermogenic fat burners and pre-workout supplements. While we don't have a comprehensive list, we are aware that Eria Jarensis is currently banned in Australia along with ingredients like Yohimbine, DMAE, DMAA, DHEA, 5-HTP and many others and is therefore not allowed for import. 

Can I Buy Straight Eria Jarensis?

Currently there is only one dedicated Eria Jarensis supplement on the market and that is Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS) Eria Jarensis. Each capsule contains 150mg of Eria Jarensis. You can purchase SNS Eria Jarensis by clicking the link below...

Serious Nutrition Solutions Eria Jarensis 60 Capsules


Serious Nutrition Solutions just dropped a dedicated Eria Jarensis supplement which contains 150mg of Eria Jarensis per serving. 

Which Supplements Contain Eria Jarensis?

Eria Jarensis is commonly found in many Fat Burners and Pre-Workouts. Below is a list of Fat Burners and Pre-Workout Supplements we carry which contain Eria Jarensis.

Merica Labz Napalm Fat Burner 20


Merica Labz Red White & Boom Napalm 20 Servings Merica Labz long awaited Napalm Edition of their Red, White and Boom Pre-Workout is finally here! Napalm is a two-in-one hybrid style formula, it's both a high stimulant pre-workout and a thermogenic fat burning powder all-in-one. Napalm also packs Nootropic ingredients for enhanced focus and confentration along with 300mg of Eria Jarensis for a sense of Euphoria to keep you motivated while training. If you're looking for Energy and Motivation alon ...

Alpha Lion Superhuman 21/42 Servings


Pre-Workout - Alpha Lion Super Human If you're looking for an out-of-the-world pre-workout unlike any other, look no further. Alpha Lion's brand new Super Human pre-workout formula will deliver you with extreme energy, focus & extreme pumps. It's formula also contains a brand-new anti-crash matrix to help keep the focus & energy flowing through your body throughout your workout. Introducing Alpha Lion Super Human!! Alpha Lion Super Human Benefits Provides Intense Focus Laser-Like Focus Transpare ...

Killer Labz Stim Reaper 30 Servings


Advanced Fat Burner - Killer Labz Stim Reaper Looking for a fat burning pre-workout? Killer Labz is the plug with their Stim Reaper formula! Stim Reaper contains Caffeine anhydrous, Beta-Alanine (3g), Eria Jarensis, Rauwolfia Vomitoria all ingredients beneficial for supplying raw energy, reducing fatigue, and burning fat. By supplying energy, enhancing focus, and boosting endurance, this pre-workout drink primes your body for the optimal workout. Being both a fat burner and a pre-workout, Stim R ...

Blackstone Labs Arson Fat Burner 60 Caps


Blackstone Labs Arson 60 Caps | Powerful Thermogenic Fat Burner for Weight Loss Blackstone Labs is one of the most widely known supplement companies out now, so they know how to make products! This is NOT for beginners, so advanced users come and join around Arson! This is a powerful thermogenic fat burner with mood enhancers, stimulants, and so much more to make sure you get that body you want. If you want to sweat, if you want to feel the burn, and reduce cravings, this is your fat burner. Int ...

Apollon Shogun 90 Capsules


Apollon Shogun 90 Capsules Apollon's All New Shogun Fat Burner has to be one of the most intense thermogenics we've ever seen hit the market. If you're looking for stims this one will not disappoint. Shogun packs 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous along with 13mg of Di-Caffeine Malate, they didn't stop there though. This powerful formula also contains 200mg of Juglans Regia Extract, 200mg Theobromine, and 200mg of Eria Jarensis for that Euphoric sense of well-being. If you're current fat burner isn't h ...

Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex Fat Burner 60 Caps


Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex 60 Capsules What is Synedrex? Synedrex is a thermogenic fat burner created to burn fat, boost metabolism and decrease appetite by Metabolic Nutrition. It has key ingredients that can help also increase energy and boost your metabolism in order to burn fat throughout the day. It has gone through a number of formulations, the latest incorporating powerful cutting edge stimulants. This product can be used by both men and women. A once daily fat-burning thermogenic. It d ...

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