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60 Day Blackstone Metha-Quad Stack

 60 Day Blackstone Metha-Quad Stack
 60 Day Blackstone Metha-Quad Stack
 60 Day Blackstone Metha-Quad Stack
 60 Day Blackstone Metha-Quad Stack
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 60 Day Blackstone Metha-Quad Stack
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60 Day Blackstone Metha-Quad Stack

Blackstone Labs Metha-Quad is far and away the MOST POPULAR Blackstone Labs Prohormone. This product is a 4-In-1 Prohormone making it a stack in and of itself. This stack features everything you need to run a 60 day cycle including Metha-Quad, your prohormone, Eradicate your Estrogen Blocker, and PCT-V, your post cycle therapy product. If you're looking to pack on size and increase strenght while still staying relatively dry, this is the stack for you!

60 Day Blackstone Metha-Quad Stack Highlights & Benefits

  • Powerful 4-In-1 Prohormone
  • The Ultimate Mass Building Stack
  • Features a 1-Andro and 4-Andro Prohormone
  • Impressive Gains in Strength & Size
  • Increased Muscle Density and Fullness
  • Massive Muscle Pumps with Added Vascularity


While "On Cycle" you'll take Metha-Quad and Eradicate for 60 days. Once your cycle is completed you'll run your PCT (PCT-V) for 30 days. Once done with your PCT you can begin another prohormone cycle. 


Take 1 tablet within an hour of training. Do not exceed 2 tablets per day


Take 1 capsule 1-3 times daily with food. 


Take 2 capsules per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. 

60 Day Blackstone Metha-Quad Stack Ingredients

See images for Supplement Fact Panels and Ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening.


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