Barebells Protein Bar Review

Barebells Protein Bar Review
Barebells Protein Bar Review

Here at Best Price Nutrition we love trying to new products and new supplements, and we especially like trying new functional foods, as it's one of the more fun categories in the supplement space. In recent years companes have not only really stepped up their game in terms of taste and texture, but the macros of these healthy snacks have improved and brands have gotten really creative and rolled out some really neat functional foods including things like Smart Sweets Gummies, Finaflex Oatmeal Protein Pies, and Built Bars with their very unique gooey texture. 

Well recently we managed to get our hands on a couple Barebells Protein Bars to try, so we wanted to take a minute to share our thoughts and give you a review of Barebells Protein Bars. 

Barebells is a Swedish Functiona Food company which has been around since about 2016, but which more recently has begun distributing and here in the states and is quickly making a name for themselves. Barebell Bars have a candy bar like taste and texture, very similar to something like a Robert Irvine Fit Crunch Bar, but while being almost like a protein stuffed candy bar, they've managed to do it while still keeping the macros in check. While macros will vary slightly from flavor to flavor, your average Barebells Bar is going to feature around 200 calories, 8 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbs, and 0 grams of sugar, though they do have 14 grams of sugar alcohol. These tasty bars also pack 20 grams of protein but m anaged to leave out that "protein taste" that so many bars tend to have. 

As far as taste and texture you're not going to find much better in the functional food space, especially with these macros. While Barebell Bars come in leaner than an Outright Bar, they are in many ways more decedent. Barebell Bars all seem to feature a noughety texture, layered with a gooey caramel like texture, covered in chocolate, and featuring protein crispies. Not only are these bars incredibly delicious but its not your typical dense protein bar, the variation in textures really keeps things interesting. 

For our taste test we tried a Cookies and Cream, Crunchy Fudge, and Salty Peanut flavors. While they were all tasty we'd have to say the Cookies and Cream Barebell Bar was universally a favorite among everyone here in the office. Now currently we do not yet carry these bars, but if you'd like to see us bring them in drop a comment or let us know on Social Media and we'll look at bringing them in here. 


May 20th 2023

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