Apollon Nutrition Reveals All High Stim Preworkout Called "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World"

Apollon Nutrition Reveals All High Stim Preworkout Called "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World"

Yesterday was April Fools Day with many companies releasing images of fake products as jokes, things like Chicken Soup Protein Powder or Chicken and Waffle flavored Preworkouts. It was hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. Apollon Nutrition however revealed a real all new preworkout called "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World".

While Apollon Nutrition is known for their hard hitting preworkouts and fat burners which are always fully transparent, this one does feature a proprietary blend, however Apollon addresses this in an Instagram post teasing this preworkout in which they said they are still against prop blends and stand behind fully transparent formulas but said this is just a fun project and a limited edition product. 

It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World features a decked out heavily dosed formula including 8 grams of Citrulline, a whopping 6400mg Beta Alanine sure to give you tingles, 5 grams Betaine Anhydrous, 4 grams Tyrosine and 1 gram Alpha GPC. It also features a 3272.5mg blend called Robik's Secret Blend which features a host of stimulants and nootropics including Phenylethylamine, Theobromine, DMHA, Caffeine Citrate, and Anhydrous along with Eria Jarensis which provides a mood boost, Halostachine, Methyltyramine, Isopropylnorsynephrone and Alpha Yohimbine.

Apollon's It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World will be going on sale this Friday April 5 and will roll out in a single flavor called "The Big O" which appears to be a grapefruit flavor. 

Apr 2nd 2024 John Frigo
John Frigo
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