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Apollon Molotov Non-Stim Fat Burner 120ct

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Apollon Molotov Intense Thermogenic Fat Burner 120ct

Apollon Nutrition Molotov is an intense non-stimulant thermogenic fat burner designed to optimize metabolism, aid in body recomposition, and help you lose weight. This formula contains many Premium Patented and Branded ingredients and a hefty dose of Paradoxine branded Grains of Paradise which will ignite your metabolism and have you sweating in the gym. Molotov can be taken as a stand alone supplement, stacked with your favorite stim based fat burner such as Shogun or Chaos, and works great for fasted cardio. 

Apollon Molotov Fat Burner Highlights & Benefits

  • Powerful Fat Burner with No Stimulants
  • Optimize Your Metabolism
  • Helps Aid in Body Recomposition
  • Great for Fasted Cardio or Intense Training
  • Hefty Dose of Grains of Paradise Will Get You Sweating
  • Features Mitoburn, Paradoxine, and Capsimax
  • 100% Fully Transparent Label

How to Take Molotov Fat Burner?

Begin with 2 capsules to assess tolerance. Once tolerance has been assessed take 4 capsules either once per day or split into divided doses. 

Apollon Molotov Non-Stim Thermogenic 120ct Ingredients

Apollon Nutrition Molotov Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. 


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