New EAS Vitamin C Supplement Plus Many More New Products on the way

New EAS Vitamin C Supplement Plus Many More New Products on the way

EAS was a hugely popular supplement brand back in the day, probably best known for their MyoPlex Protein which was way ahead of its time in terms of both macros, taste, texture and flavor. Sadly the brand wound up going away years back, but was recently purchased by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals who already brought back MyoPlex, Glutamine, Phosphagen, 100% Platinum Whey and an HMB supplement.

Well recently we learned EAS is rolling out an all new simple single ingredient Vitamin C supplement which features 1000mg of Vitamin C per serving, however EAS isn't stopping there. It appears much of the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals line of supplements will also be joining the EAS supplement line-up under the EAS branding and banner. We've seen images surface of EAS Ashwagandha, Black Elderberry, Caffeine Plus, Collagen, Fish Oil, Tongkat Ali and a host of other supplements. All in all it looks like about 28 products from the Hi-Tech brand will be rolling out under the EAS branding.

The all new EAS Vitamin C is now available here at Best Price Nutrition where you can grab a 200 tablet bottle for $19.95. No word yet on exactly when the rest of these new products will be joining the EAS line-up but we're expecting to see more and more rolling out throughout the rest of the year. 

Sep 29th 2023 John Frigo

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