Can Apple Juice Make Your Penis Grow Bigger?

Can Apple Juice Make Your Penis Grow Bigger?

We recently noticed that a trending top or a trending question online seems to be the question of "Does Apple Juice Make Your Penis Bigger?". Here at Best Price Nutrition we create a lot of content, and the content of ours which far and away gets the most views is typically content around penis size or semen volume. If you didn't checkout our article a while back titled "8 Foods to Make Your Penis Bigger" check it out. In today's post however we're going to examine the idea that Apple Juice can potentiall make your penis better and we're going to see if there's any truth to this, or whether it's just an urban legend or a myth.

In our piece that looked at 8 Foods with the potential to make your penis bigger, we looked at foods like spinach, coffee, avocados, carrots, chili peppers, tomatos, oats, and of course apples. Now in the research we did for that piece we found that while apples won't necessarily make your penis bigger, they are good for prostate health. Apples contain something called ursolic acid which studies have shown may help to starve the prostate cancer cells and prevent them from growing, so while the science is still somewhat out on this, apples to appear to support prostate health and men's reproductive health in some ways, but what about apple juice?

Unfortunately the short answer is no. If having a Big PP was as simple as drinking a bunch of apple juice every man in the grocery store would be checking out with carts full of Mott's or Martinelli's. Apple juice is made up of sugar, polyphenols and micronutrients that occur naturally in plants, though ultimately there is no scientific evidence to suggest that apple juice makes your penis bigger.

So where does this rumor come from? We dug around the interwebs a bit and the furthest back we could find this information was a study circulating back in October of 2014 titled "Nutritional Study Reveals That Drinking Apple Juice Increases Penis Size." The article claims an intensive two year study conducted at Boston University "proved conclusively" that drinking a half gallon or more of apple juice per day will surprisingly increase penis size over time. This article was fake, the story was fake, but despite that the story was picked up by social media and this rumor was even repeated by popular Youtuber PewtiePie at one time, but no, there is no evidence that drinking apple juice will make your penis bigger. Sorry to disappoint you guys.

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