Clear Protein

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Clear Protein Powders refer to protein powders which are clear or transparent protein powders when mixed with water. Clear Proteins are whey protein isolates which are heavily filtered and are almost calorie for calorie pure protein. These protein powders tend to pack between 80 or 90 calories per serving compared to whey proteins and whey protein isolates which tend to be closer to 120 or 130 calories. Clear Proteins are a nice change from milky and chocolately protein powders, they are crisp and refreshing and are great after a tough workout or on a hot summer day. One other benefit of Clear Protein Powders is even those who are lactose intolerant or struggle to digest whey, casein or other proteins typically have no issues with Clear Proteins. While Clear Protein Powders have existed for years, they've surged in popularity recently with brands like SEEQ Protein as well as brands like Nutrabio, Allmax and Animal rolling out clear protein powders. 

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