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Glaxon C-Tox 7 Day Kit

 Glaxon C-Tox  7 Day Kit
 Glaxon C-Tox  7 Day Kit
 Glaxon C-Tox  7 Day Kit
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 Glaxon C-Tox  7 Day Kit
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Glaxon C-Tox  7 Day Kit

Glaxon C-Tox is a unique detox formula aimed at helping you through a caffeine detox. These days many of us live busy lives, and because of this we become dependent upon coffee, energy shots, energy drinks, and powerful pre-workouts. It's good from time to time to take a break from caffeine and other stimulants, however it can be difficult to do and for many it can lead to headaches, irritability and other unpleasant symptoms. Glaxon's C-Tox aims to help you detox from caffeine without any of these nasty side effects. 

Glaxon C-Tox  7 Day Kit Highlights & Benefits

  • Helps You Taper Off Caffeine During a Caffeine Detox
  • Contains B-Vitamin Complex & Amino Acid Complex to Support Mood
  • Unique Caffeine Reduction Protocol


How to Take Glaxon C-Tox Caffeine Detox

Glaxon C-Tox  7 Day Kit Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Glaxon C-Tox Ingrdients & Supplement Facts

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. 


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