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Glaxon Thermal 21 Servings

by Glaxon
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Excludes drinks, liquids, bars, and foods.
Flavor: Kiwi Strawberry

Glaxon Thermal 21 Servings

Glaxon Thermal is a non-stimulant thermogenic fat burner which aims to increase your bodies ability to burn more fat. Thermal works by stimulating processes in the fat cells themselves to help facilitate the transformation of white fat cells into brown fat cells which are more metabolically active. Glaxon Thermal can be taken by those who are stim sensitive or looking for a non-caffeine non-stimulant fat burner 

Glaxon Thermal Non-Stim Thermogenic Fat Burner Highlights & Benefits

  • Great For Those Who Are Stim-Sensitive
  • Great For Stacking With a Stimulant Fat Burner
  • May Help Fat Cells Become More Metabolically Active
  • Increased Thermogenesis
  • Variety of Tasty Flavors to Choose From 


Mix 1 scoop (1 serving) with up to 16oz (500mL) of water or beverage of choice, vary the amount of liquid to taste. Consume daily at any time desired. For training: consume 15-30 minutes prior to exercise. Tastes best cold. Do not exceed 2 servings (2 scoops) per day.

Glaxon Thermal 21 Servings Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. 


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