Garden Of Life Dr. Formulated Keto Fit

Garden of Life Garden Of Life Dr. Formulated Keto Fit
Garden of Life Garden Of Life Dr. Formulated Keto Fit
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Weight Loss Shake - Garden Of Life Dr. Formulated Keto Fit

One of the hardest things about being on the keto diet is finding supplements that go with your diet! It's okay because Garden of Life has thought of everything! They produced a new line of keto products to help you get into ketosis faster, stronger and better. If you are wanting to burn fat, fight cravings and lose weight, this is the perfect weight loss shake. Introducing Garden of Life Keto Fit!  

Garden Of Life Keto Fit Benefits

  • Weight Loss Shake
  • Grass Fed Butter & Whey
  • With Probiotics
  • Keto Friendly
  • 50mg of Caffeine
  • Helps Burn Fat And Stop Cravings
  • 70% Fat, 20% Protein
  • Non-GMO

What is Keto Fit?

Garden of Life Keto Fit is a keto and paleo friendly weight loss shake to help burn fat and stop cravings to help you into your keto journey! This keto shake has been made with studied ingredients to be more effective. You get a mix of fat, protein, and carbs to help cut off that stubborn fat and sticking to the keto diet. 

What is in Garden Of Life Keto Fit?

Keto Fit from Garden Of Life has two blends: The Protein Powder and the Weight Loss Blend: 

Protein Powder: This is made with Organic Grass Fed Butter and Organic Grass Fed Nonfat Milk! 

Weight Loss Blend: This contains Svetol, which is decaffeinated green coffee bean extract. Ashwagandha that can help in producing lean muscles and Coffeeberry for caffeine and strength!

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Keto Fit Flavors

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

Garden Of Life Keto Fit Directions 

We recommend to take 2 scoops with 10z of water.

Garden Of Life Keto Fit Ingredients 

Serving Size: 2 Scoops

Servings Per Container: 10

Calories: 210

Total Fat: 16g 21%

Saturated Fat: 11g 55%

Cholesterol: 50mg 17%

Total Carbohydrate: 5g 2%

Dietary Fiber: 4g 14%

Total Sugars: 1g

Includes 0g Added Sugars

Protein: 10g 20%

Vitamin A (from retinol, beta carotene): 220mcg 24%

Vitamin E: 0.3mg 2%

Calcium: 104mg 8%

Iron: 0.3mg 2%

Iodine: 10.5mcg 7%

Magnesium: 21mg 5%

Selenium: 2.75mcg 5%

Chromium: 3.5mcg 10%

Molybdenum: 4.5mcg 10%

Sodium: 120mg 5%

Potassium: 282mg 6%

Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder: 20g

Organic Grass Fed Butter, Organic Grass Fed Nonfat Milk

Truly Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate: 11.4g

Weight Loss Blend: 822mg

Organic Svetol (naturally decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean Extract): 450mg

Organic Ashwagandha: 300mg

Organic Coffeeberry Whole Coffee Fruit Extract (Standardized to 70% Caffeine): 72mg

Lactobacillus plantarum (1.5 Billion CFU): 10mg

Other Ingredients: Organic Vanilla Flavors, Sea Salt, Organic Stevia Extract (leaf)

Contains: Milk

Contains 50mg of naturally occuring caffeine per serving. 

Warnings & Side Effects 

This product is intended only for healthy individuals over the age of 18. Consult your health care provider prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your health care provider prior if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions. Keep out away from children. 


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