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Solaray Super Papaya-Plex 90 Chews

 Solaray Super Papaya-Plex 90 Chews
 Solaray Super Papaya-Plex 90 Chews
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 Solaray Super Papaya-Plex 90 Chews
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Solaray Super Papaya-Plex 90 Chews

Solaray Super Papaya Plex Chews contain enzymes which help to breakdown protein and carbohydrates allowing for improved nutrient absorption and digestion. These tasty chews can be taken following each carb or protein heavy meal or used as breath fresheners. 

Solaray Super Papaya-Plex Highlights & Benefits

  • Promotes Digestive Comfort
  • Helps Break Down Carbs and Proteins 
  • Allows for More Nutrient Absorption and Improved Digestion


Take 1 chewable tablet after each meal. To use as a breath freshener allow chewable to dissolve in mouth as needed. 

Solaray Super Papaya-Plex 90 Chews Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Solaray Papaya-Plex Chewables Ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. 


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