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Swole AF El Chapo 25 Servings

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Swole AF El Chapo Pre Workout 25 Servings

El Chapo is Swole AF's Strongest Most Powerful Pre-Workout. This High Stim Pre-Workout features multiple stimulants to provide you with clean, long lasting energy to provide you with increased strength, power, and endurance while training. If your a stimhead and Escobar isn't strong enough for you, El Chapo is twice as powerful! This one is not for beginners, begin with a half scoop to assess tolerance. 

SwoleAF El Chapo Pre-Workout Highlights & Benefits

  • The Ultimate Pre-Workout For Stim Junkies
  • Swole AF's Most Powerful Pre Workout Formula
  • Provides Intense Energy, Increased Strength & Maximum Power
  • Feel Unstoppable in the Gym
  • Twice as Strong as Escobar Pre-Workout
  • Long Lasting Energy Without a Crash
  • Beta Alanine Free For No Annoying Tingles

El Chapo Preworkout Ingredient Breakdown

L-Citrulline: Boosts nitric oxide production in the body and helps arteries relax and function better. Helps to improve blood flow and increase endurance while training.

Beta Alanine: Aids in the production of carnosine to increase muscle endurance and exercise intensity. This ingredient is also responsible for giving you "The Tingles".

Agmatine Sulfate: Plays a role in nitric oxide synthesis to promote healthy circulation and an nice muscle pump during exercise. 

Dimethylethylethanolamine (DMAE): Increases production of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter that helps nerve cells send signals. Helps with memory formation and the speed and ability to recall information. Helps with mind/muscle connection when training. 

Choline: Helps regulate memory and mood and supports muscle control

Caffeine Anhydrous: This stimulant provides users with energy, stimulates athletic performance and can help with weight loss. 

Caffeine Citrate: Caffeine Citrate acts faster than caffeine anhydrous to provide fast acting energy. One drawback of Caffeine Citrate is 20mg of caffeine citrate only provides 10mg of active caffeine. 

Infinfergy Dicaffeine Malate: Infinergy is a patented branded form of Dicaffeine Malate. Dicaffeine Malate provides a smoother longer lasting energy without as much of a crash where as caffeine anhydrous provide fast energy but wears off quickly. 

2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA): DMHA is a powerful stimulant which replaced DMAA in many preworkouts. DMHA provides powerful energy, much stronger than caffeine, lasts long and is a smoother cleaner energy. DMHA also provides users with a mood boost and a sense of euphoria. 

N-Acetyl L Tyrosine: Taurine may help to boost mood, improve happiness, improve memory and manage stress. 

Yohimbine HCL: Yohimbine helps to improve blood flow, provides powerful energy and appetite suppression. 

Huperzine A: This nootropic helps to improve memory and mental function and also helps to improve mood. 

Does El Chapo Preworkout Contain DMAA?

No, El Chapo Preworkout does not contain DMAA, it contains 225mg of DMHA per serving along with 400mg of Caffeine. 


    Begin with a half scoop to assess tolerance. Mix 1/2 or full scoop to 8 ounces of water and take 30 minutes prior to training. 

    SwoleAF El Chapo PreWorkout  Ingredients & Supplement Facts

    Swole AF El Chapo Preworkout Ingredients

    Warnings & Side Effects

    Store in a cool dry place after opening. Keep out of reach of children. Best not to consume on an empty stomach. Begin with a half scoop first to assess tolerance to stimulants. 


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    Haley S.
    I recommend this product

    Strongest preworkout I've ever tried

    A friend recommended El Chapo to me, this is my new favorite preworkout, tons of energy and was able to power through my whole workout without getting tired at all.

    • Who would you recommend this product to? anyone who does cardio
    • Age? 24
    Edwin H.
    United States United States

    It’s pretty good if you have a strong stomach

    I personally really liked the stim it gives and the energy but the taste is very medicine like and feel nauseous every time I drink it so I have too drink it like a shot and then chug water to get I down quickly. Overall the taste isn’t great but the product itself after the taste is amazing.

    • Who would you recommend this product to? High stim junkies
    • Age? 18