Amp Citrate

AMP Citrate Supplements

With the loss of amp citrate in supplements, what can you turn to next? The best selling AMP Citrate supplements in the past were Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex and CTD Sports Noxipro. Both of these companies stopped making these formulas and have since replaced that ingredient with others. But are they are strong as the AMP Citrate? There is only one ingredient that is as strong as the AMP Citrate was...well even strongest and that is DMHA. While the government would still like to destroy this ingredient and any product associated with it, they have not been able to yet. For now at least if you miss AMP Citrate, get your hands on DMHA supplements.

Top Pre-Workout Supplements w/ DMHA That Replaced AMP Citrate

  1. Hydrashred
  2. ESP Extreme
  3. Ultimate Orange

Top Fat Burner Supplements w/ DMHA That Replaced AMP Citrate

  1. Hydroxyelite
  2. Synedrex
  3. Synadrene