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Maude Nootropic Libido Gummies

Maude Nootropic Libido Gummies

Maude Nootropic Libido Gummy

Being involved in the SEO and Marketing Team here at Bestpricenutrition.Com we try to keep up with what products and brands are popular, as well as trending topics in the health and wellness space. Well recently I began seeing searches trend for "Nootropic Libido Gummies". This got me curious as Nootropics and Libido Boosters are typically two different categories of the supplement space. Nootropics tend to be either gaming supplements or single ingredient supplements which intend to boost memory and cognition where as Libido Boosters tend to fall into either the Men's Sexual Health category or the Test Booster category. This seemed unique so I looked into it and stumbled upon the website of a company by the name of Maude. Maude is a sexual wellness company for modern consumers and the company makes everything from candles and massage oils to condoms and lubricants, to vibrating butt plugs, and of course a few supplements, one of which is their Maude Nootropic Libido Gummies, or as they call it, simply "Maude Libido".

Now initial reactions are this is an upscale brand, the website is classier than your average sexual wellness brand's website and the product packaging for Maude Libido is simple, elegant, and classy as well. The gummies have a unique look to them, they look different than most other gummies on the market and appear to look almost homemade. Seeing as how popular these gummies seem to be as of late I wanted to see what all the hype was about so I decided to checkout the product in a bit more detail and take a look at the supplement facts panel and ingredients as well. 

So in terms of what Maude's Nootropic Libido Gummies intend to do, they aim to help increase blood flow which I assume is to allow for better fuller erections. It also aims to naturally boost testosterone and to alleviate stress, and in turn to naturally boost libido and build up sexual arousal

Maude Nootropic Libido Gummy Ingredients

So let's take a look at the ingredients and supplement facts which you can checkout for yourself in the image above. For starters we have an 81mg blend which Maude refers to as the Maude x ASYSTEM Libido Complex. The blend features 81mg of L-Citrulline, L-Argingine, L-Theanine, Boron, and Caffeine. These are all very good ingredients, Citrulline and Argingine have been clinically shown to improve symptoms for those suffering from ED, in some studies fixing the issue for upwards of 90% of men, however the dosages of these ingredients is pretty small. I believe in most of these studies in which Arginine and Pycnogenol corrected men's ED, the dosage was several grams, here this entire blend which also contains a number of other ingredients is only 81mg in total. L-Theanine is a great ingredient for stress relief, but again we typically see this ingredient dosed as 50mg or 100mg on it's own and again, here it's part of a blend which all in all is only 81mg. Lastly we have Boron which is great for test boosting and not a lot of boron is required for it to be effective so this ingredient could be effectively dosed, and then we have what I assume is a tiny bit of caffeine for energy. 

Beyond the Maude x ASYSTEM Libido Complex we laso have 50mg of an S7 Blend which is good for blood flow and endurance. The S7 is dosed well and has about what you would expect to find in a preworkout which contains this ingredient. Next we have 100mg of Tribululs, 12.5mg of Pine Pollen Extract, 20mg of Zinc, and 30mg of Magnesium. These are all good ingredients for boosting testosterone, the dosages are a bit low but still respectable. Lastly Maude Nootropic Libido Gummies contain an "Ocean Mineral Blend" which is 25mg and contains ingredients like Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, and Burdock Root. 

So what are my thoughts on Maude's Nootropic Libido Gummies? The one problem with gummies, and this isn't picking on this particular supplement, but with gummies in general it's difficult to pack a good dosage of ingredients into a gummy form. This is why with ingredients like Collagen and others, you're never going to get nearly the same dosage in a gummy that you could get into a powder or even a capsule. Gummies also add unnecessary sugars and carbs, it's not a ton, but it does add sugars and carbs which are completely unnecessary. Beyond that, the ingredients in here are similar to what you would find in a lot of test boosting supplements, however the dosages are a bit low, and this formula lacks many test boosting ingredients which are actually clinically proven to boost testosterone levels, namely Tongkat Ali, Shilajit and Fenegreek.  So are the Maude Gummies worth the $45 price tag? You could do worse when it comes to picking a test boosting or libido boosting supplement, however in my opinion you could also do better. For around the same price or for only about $5 more you could get any number of test and libido boosting supplements which contain not only a better ingredient profile, but substantially better dosages, a few that come to mind would be Hi-Tech Testosterone 21, USP Labs Pink Magic, Now Foods TestoJack 200, or for the budget conscious out there even just a straight single ingredient Tongkat Ali supplement that contains at least 400mg of Tongkat Ali per serving. 

Basically, Maude Libido isn't a bad supplement, but there's better options out there for your hard earned dollars. 

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