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Merica Labz New Hollow Point Muscle Builder Features Turkesterone

Merica Labz New Hollow Point Muscle Builder Features Turkesterone

Merica Labz Hollow Point

Merica Labz has just dropped an all new muscle building supplement called Hollow Point which features Turkesterone as well as Epicatechins. Turkesterone has no doubt been the hottest supplement and hottest ingredient of the past year with nearly every major sports nutrition brand rolling out a Turkesterone supplement. What's interesting is this ingredient isn't anything new, it's been in many muscle building blends for years, but in the past year has gotten a lot of attention as a stand alone supplement. Initially many brands were rolling out stand alone Turkesterone supplements, however more recently we've begun more and more brands rolling out more and more products which are natural muscle builders containing Turkesterone along with other natural muscle building ingredients like Laxogenin, Ecdysterone's and Epicatechins. 

Merica Labz All New Hollow Point features 1,000mg of Turkesterone, 300mg of Epicatechins, and 10mg of Bioperine for absorption in each serving. Hollow Point aims to enhance muscle growth and strength, increase nitric oxide production, and improve athletic performance.

Merica Labz All New Hollow Point Muscle Builder just dropped on the brands website in a 50 capsule bottle, and you'll likely see it hitting our warehouse sometime in the coming weeks. 

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