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Performax Labs Phytoactiv Max Greens Supplement Revealed

Performax Labs Phytoactiv Max Greens Supplement Revealed

Performax Phytoactiv Max Greens Formula

Performax Labs has announced they're getting into the Greens and Superfoods category with an all new supplement called Performax Labs Phytoactiv Max. The greens category is one which has been growing quickly over the past year or two and while greens supplements in the past tended to taste terribly of fresh cut grass and dirt, today's greens formulas have come leaps and bounds in terms of taste. This space is a competitive one however with Glaxon Super Greens being the favorite greens supplement that all competitors are gunning for. 

Performax Labs first teased out a new supplement about a week ago, at the time just showing a blank tub. The brand has been pretty slow to leak out details about this one, while we do see the tub here which gives us a bit of information, they haven't revealed what the formula is going to look like or what flavors Phytoactiv Max will launch in. What we do know form the tub is that this is going to be an Active Greens Powder to support wellness and performance and it appears to be a 30 serving tub. Beyond that we don't know what's goin to be included in the formula, or what flavors it will be available in, however if we had to guess from the product image we'd guess some type of peach iced tea flavor or something similar just from the look of the spashing liquid around the tub. 

We're big fans of Greens Supplements over here at BPN so we're excited to see what Performax has come up with and we'll bring you more information as we learn more!

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