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RYSE Kool-Aid Flavored Energy Drink Coming Soon

RYSE Kool-Aid Flavored Energy Drink Coming Soon

RYSE Kool-Aid Energy Drink

RYSE Supplements has been on a tear recently rolling out new flavors, including many flavor collaborations with mainstream food brands such as their Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Loaded Protein as well as their Moon Pie Protein Powder, both coming soon. Well RYSE has just recently announced they're continuing their partnership with Kool-Aid, Ryse already has a Kool-Aid flavored Loaded Pre Preworkout, however they're now bringing the Kool-Aid flavor over to their RTD Energy Drink RYSE Energy. RYSE Energy Drink will be getting a Tropical Punch Kool-Aid flavor in the very near future. If you haven't tried the RYSE Energy Drink its a delicious energy drink which features 200mg of Natural Caffeine for clean energy along with 500mg of Choline and No Sugar or Artificial Flavors. Checkout our entire collection of RYSE RTD Energy Drink flavors including Baja Burst, Smarties, Sunny D, and Berry Ring Pop....

RYSE Energy Drink RTD 12 Case


Coming Soon, RYSE will be dropping an all new Tropical Punch Kool-Aid flavor of their RYSE Energy Drink. 

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