Bowmar Nutrition Drops a New Peach Cobbler Flavored Protein Powder

Bowmar Nutrition Drops a New Peach Cobbler Flavored Protein Powder
Bowmar Nutrition Protein Peach Cobbler Flavor

Bowmar Nutrition is a brand which we've been following and have been a big fan of for years, but one which we've only been carrying for the last six months or so. Bowmar is a company who's not only known for rolling out a ton of new products in new categories, but a company who's constantly innovating and rolling out new flavors. In recent years we've seen some truly unique flavors from Bowmar Nutrition such as their Pancakes and Syrup flavored protein powder, their Hot Chocolate flavored protein powder, and their French Toast protein powder which was actually inspired by JOosh Bowmar's Grandma Linda and her french toast recipe.

Well Bowmar Nutrition has launched another all new flavor to their Whey Protein Powder, this time a Peach Cobbler flavor which was once again inspired by Josh Bowmar's Grandparents and their famous peach cobbler. The all new Peach Cobbler Protein is set to drop this upcoming Friday at 12:00pm Eastern time through the brands own online website. 

There was no mention of this being a Limited Edition offering so were assuming this is going to be an ongoing and permanent offering. We'll hopefully be getting some tubs in here sometime in the coming weeks so keep your eyes out for the all new Peach Cobbler Whey Protein Powder from Bowmar Nutrition. 

Bowmar Nutrition Protein 1lb


Bowmar Nutrition has just announced an all new Peach Cobbler flavored protein powder which was inspired by Josh Bowmar's Grandpa's Famous Peach Cobbler. 

May 20th 2023

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