Performax Labs All New 3D Pump Supplement

Performax Labs All New 3D Pump Supplement
Performax Labs 3D Pump Max

Performax Labs has just announced an all new stand alone pump supplement called 3D Pump Max which will come in capsule form. 3D Pump is a patented and branded blend of Citrulline, Glycerol, and Amla Fruit which is is a relatively new branded blend, but which may sound familiar to you as it was featured in Performax Labs Vasomax Pump Powder as well as HyperMax which featured 6000mg of this ingredient. 

Fans of the Performax Labs brand will now be able to add Performax 3D Pump Max to any of their products by stacking these capsules with it. Each serving of 3D Pump Max will feature 6 grams of the 3D Pump Blend along with 50mg of Astragin to improve absorption and bioavailability. This all new supplement from Performax Labs should be dropping on the brands website in about two weeks and should be rolling out to partnered retailers like ourselves sometime in the coming weeks as well. 

May 20th 2023

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