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Allmax Nutrition AllWhey Gold 2 Lbs

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Excludes drinks, liquids, bars, and foods.
flavor: Chocolate

Allmax Nutrition AllWhey Gold

Now features SCOOP-LOCK™ Technology. Together we can put an end to the scourge of Scoop Loss.

Gone are the days of digging through your protein to get your scoop. SCOOP-LOCK is ergonomically designed to lock your scoop into place the first time and every time! And it’s right there at the top of your Allwhey when you open it! Scoop-Lock is available on all ISOFLEX, ALLWHEY Gold, ALLWHEY Classic and HEXAPRO products and it’s only from ALLMAX. Look for the rugged new Ergo-Lid™ on ALLMAX products with Scoop-Lock™ inside!

Allwhey Gold is an ultra-premium whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate blend that offers 24 grams of protein in a 30 gram serving. Allwhey Gold has been sourced from 100% whey protein with zero aminos added and delivers a clean and complete, whole protein. Allmax Nutrition said that Allwhey Gold is the best tasting Allwhey that they ever made. They tested more than 50 versions and selected the best, most amazing flavors. This blend is derived from a brand new cutting edge flavor technology that leaves this formula easy to mix and even easier to drink.

Sensitive to lactose? Well Allwhey Gold features a reduced lactose protein so it is easier on the stomach and is formulated with enzymes that enhance digestion to result in higher levels of absorption to help you better utilize the protein you are consuming. Allwhey Gold has non-denatured intact whey protein fractions to support protein absorption and utilization. Allwhey Gold can be taken as your post-workout or as a meal replacement. As your post-workout, it gives you everything you need to recover and grow your muscles. As a meal replacement, it helps with the growth of lean muscle mass and ensures you are getting a high protein meal. Allwhey Gold is extra efficient in nutrient delivery and is a great low-calorie option to get all of the good without any bad. It is very helpful in repairing and recovering muscles.


  • 100% whey protein source
  • Whey protein isolate is the primary source
  • Only 2 grams of sugar per serving
  • Over 5 grams of naturally occurring BCAA’s per serving (leucine, isoleucine, and valine)
  • Lab tested and certified, guaranteed
  • Free of banned substances
  • Informed choice, trusted by sport


Blend, mix, or shake 1 rounded scoop with 200ml of water or low-fat milk at any time during the day that you need a protein boost. Many athletes that have a higher protein requirement choose to double each serving with 2 scoops mixed with 400ml of water or low-fat milk.


  • Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Cinnamon French Toast
  • Salted Caramel Popcorn



Serving size: 30g

Servings per container: ~28

Chocolate Peanut Butter


Cookies & Cream


French Vanilla


Keep out of reach of children. Consult with your healhtcare physician before taking.

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You get what you pay for

Allwhey Gold is a great supplement for people that are looking to meet protein needs within a budget but when compared to Allmax isoflex is doesnt quite stack up. I know this product is meant to imitate and compete with gold standard from optimum nutrition (and it does) I would much rather have the purity of a whey isolate. Nonetheless a solid product with wonderful taste and fairly good protein percentage


Very poor mixing with milk - clumps.

I tried using this with a shaker bottle and milk to make. It created a huge amount of foam that took about an hour to go away even with occasional agitation of the bottle. The powder never completely dissolved no matter how long I shook it. When I tried stirring into a glass the same thing happened. I tried to smash the clumps against the side of the glass but there was always a layer of crud on the top of the milk. The only thing to help was to mix this 50/50 with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey chocolate. No more clumping and the taste also was much better. The foam that was created goes away in a few minutes. Don't use alone unless you enjoy clumps of crud.



This is good protein to keep around the house. I like that when you buy this tub you know that you are going to have some good solid muscle gains coming your way. Whey protein is the fastest absorbing protein available, so it is great to take right after an intense workout. I am a big fan of Allmax Nutrtion and will stand behind their products as many other people have. It is good protein, and the taste is similar to that of dymatize or any other popular brand of whey.


Great new protein

I am always trying new proteins, whether it be whey, casein, or blends. I decided to try this one since it is pretty competitively priced compared to other brands, and have had good experience with all max before (quick mass gainer). This new whey product is a very good protein choice. The taste is great, it mixes well, and the quality and ingredient profile is excellent. I will be using this as my main whey choice for the foreseeable future.


Awesome protein for this price saved about $25

This is a great selection of protein for this price. Where else will you get 25g a scoop of high quality protein that clean and free of fillers for this price? I'm glad I waited to check out this site before making my purchase that day. I saved $25 easy. I can't wait to make my next order. Might as well hit resend on this one.


Great protein

This whey is by far the best for making mancakes. Most protein powders when baked get kind of chewy weird dog food like substance. I used this to male protein pancakes and baked protein and oat energy bites. Fantastic mix ability as well.


A very good affordable protien.

I was looking for a price effective protein powder when i bought Allmax Allwhey. I feel like i got just that. Kind of a economy grade protein powder with a decent flavoring. The chocolate flavor was almost too sweet for my liking and had somewhat of an artificial aftertaste. The need of a shaker cup is a must without it you will surely have some clumps. After thoroughly mixed it has a nice smooth consistency. the macros arent half bad either so you will not have to worry about botching a diet or anything. All in all decent product.


best **** for your buck whey protein

For the price this Allwhey protein is great, it not only does it taste great but it mixes easily too. Pound for pound it is a quality protein powder product to take post workout. You would definitely see all kinds of gains with this product. The best flavor is the strawberry. I will definitely recommend this for anyone looking to make muscle gains and get stronger after every workout. And I recommend you get it for the best and cheapest price possible here at best price nutrition.


Not bad

AllWhey is definitely not a bad whey protein. I have others that I like better, but that doesn't necessarily mean that this one isn't good. It has the same nutrition info as just about all the other proteins out there, and I would say it's one of the better tasting ones. It doesn't do a great job mixing, but its not too bad.

mark p.

nice like brown rice

helped me lose weight.

mark p.

nice like brown rice

I love this Allwhey product helped me a lot in losing weight take it before and after and work out and before bed !


Good protein, chalky , and Kosher

I like this product and have been using it for a little while now. It tasted better before they it changed. But cold cross filtration is one of the better processes to get protein.


Great Product

Allmax Nutrition AllWhey is a great product, good flavor and easy to mix.

A Best Price Nutrition Customer

Wonderful product!

My husband and I both use this product and really love it! I can't say that we are experts in protein mixed but we ordered two other brands from another website and they were absolutely repulsive! They all claim to "taste great" but that was not our experience. Frankly, if something is awful it is not likely that you will continue with it for very long. I use Allmax for a meal replacement shake and also to keep me from getting the munchies. My husband uses it to get protein in him because he begins to feel really bad if he eats too many carbs and also to keep him from getting hungry between meals. We find that it tastes great so we have been using it for about 6 months. I am done ordering other protein mixes and wasting my money because I can't stand them. It is a little hard to mix but we shake it up in a shaker. I drink mine in milk and my husband drinks his in Sunny D. It just takes a little work but it's worth it.


Pretty good protein mix

Tastes good and is kosher!!! on the other hand, it doesn't always mix so well (probably would work better in a blender), and i'm not sure how effective it is. Nonetheless, i usually drink it after my workouts and it tastes pretty good.