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Blackstone Labs Apex Male 240 Capsules

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Blackstone Labs Apex Male 240 Caps | Natural Testosterone Booster

Be the Alpha Male!

Have you always wanted to be the pack leader? Nature chose the strong and the weak. With Apex Male, you can be part of the strong. Men with the will to fight, attack, and be victorious are the ones with the highest levels of testosterone. You can now be part of that group with Apex Male. You can be the Alpha Male.

Benefits of Apex Male

Everyone gets older and as we age our testosterone levels start to drop rapidly. This is why many men turn to testosterone boosters. But most don't work...until Apex Male. How would you like to feel like you are 18 again? You can with Apex Male.

What kind of results can you achieve with this product?

  • Boost Natural Testosterone
  • Increase Your Libido
  • Put on More Muscle Mass
  • Be Stronger in the Gym
  • Increase Your Endurance
  • Improve Your Mood

All these positive benefits can be the result of taking Apex Male from Blackstone Labs!

Main Ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Prolensis
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Fenugreek
  • MACA
  • DIM

Who Should Take It?

Anyone can take this testosterone booster. Anyone wanting to feel better, look better and have that vigor back...this product can help!

For the Serious Bodybuilders & Athletes

Do you fit into this group? Using prohormones? Well Apex Male can help bridge cycles and supercharge your natural testosterone back. Not taking prohormones? Well taking this product can help give you quicker recovery time, increase your lifts and allow you to put on more muscle mass in the gym.

For Non-Athletes

The best thing about this product is that you don't have to be a serious bodybuilder or athlete. Maybe you are just getting older and you aren't feeling like you used to. Less confidence? Low libido? Now it's not going to be Viagra, but you are going to feel better and perform better than you have in a very long time. Who doesn't want that!

Directions / How to Take Apex Male

Blackstone Labs recommends taking 4 capsules twice per day with food. Unlike prohormones, this is a natural testosterone booster, so it works with your body. That means that you don't have to cycle Apex Male and no PCT is required.

PCT: Because this is a natural test booster, no PCT is required.


More Muscle & Less Fat: Stack Apex Male with Blackstone Labs Ostapure.

For Cutting: Stack Apex Male with Eradicate for fat loss and to drop excess water weight.

Blackstone Labs Apex Male 240 Capsules Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Servings per container: 60

Amounts per serving

Apex Male Proprietary Blend 2,760mg
Prolensis (bulbine), Vitamin D, DIM, Fenugreek 50%, Tribulus terrestis 40%, N-MDA, MACA 0.6%, POQ, Prunella vulgaris, Epimedium 20%, Mucuna 15%, DAA, Tyrosine, Bioperine/black pepper (95% piperine) for bioavailability enhancement

Other Ingredients: Magnesium Sterate, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide.


Store in a cool dry place after opening.


Wankhede S, Mohan V, Thakurdesai P. Beneficial effects of fenugreek glycoside supplementation in male subjects during resistance training: A randomized controlled pilot study [published correction appears in J Sport Health Sci. 2018 Apr;7(2):251]. J Sport Health Sci. 2016;5(2):176-182. doi:10.1016/j.jshs.2014.09.005

Neychev V, Mitev V. Pro-sexual and androgen enhancing effects of Tribulus terrestris L.: Fact or Fiction. J Ethnopharmacol. 2016 Feb 17;179:345-55. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2015.12.055. Epub 2015 Dec 28. PMID: 26727646.

Shin BC, Lee MS, Yang EJ, Lim HS, Ernst E. Maca (L. meyenii) for improving sexual function: a systematic review. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2010;10:44. Published 2010 Aug 6. doi:10.1186/1472-6882-10-44

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Daniel P.
United States United States

fantastic so far

Im 21 and I decided to try this test booster out bc I love the products from Blackstone so I gave it a shot. I have only been taking this for about 10 days but so far its working great I get insane libido, and way more energy in the gym. This is the best test booster on the market.

  • Who would you recommend this product to? Anyone thats in there late twenties that want a slight boost of test
  • Age? 20
United States United States

Amazing Product

Felt great on this product. Makes you extremely aggressive in gym. Used APEX multiple times and have seen great results without needing a PCT. Highly recommended.

  • Who would you recommend this product to? Anyone trying to gain muscle and get aggressive
  • Age? 26
Jer M.

Good booster

Good test booster. Felt good on it. Stronger in the gym and bigger libido. Nothing wrong there. Liked it!


good for older males and PCT

Blackstone Labs makes some really good supplements, and this is one of them. They are known for making supplements that push the limits, and are pretty crazy. This Apex Male is one of those supplements. It contains a lot of ingredients such as Maca that are great for restoring natural testosterone levels, so this supplement works as a PCT or for those individuals with declining testosterone levels. I would not recommend for natural users below 22, but above that age limit it can be a great supplement.


Perfect PCT

This is my 'goto' pct supplement after any prohormone I take. I just came off Super DMZ from Blackstone and this allowed to recovery my testosterone quicker than anything else I have tried. If you are taking a prohormone, I highly recommend taking this for about 4 weeks after!