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Carlson Glycine 100 Grams

by Carlson
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Carlson Glycine 100 Softgels

Carlson Glycine Product Highlights

  • Glycine is an Amino Acid Your Body Needs to Produce Antioxidants
  • Glycine Helps Your Body Make Creatine
  • Glycine May Help Sleep Quality
  • 2 Grams Glycine Per Serving

Why Do People Take Glycine?

  • For Tissue Health
  • For Muscle Development
  • For Energy Production
  • For Better Sleep


Take one level scoop daily mixed with food or beverage of your choice. 

Carlson Glycine 100 Grams Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1/2 Teaspoon 

Servings Per Container: 50

Glycine 2g

*Daily Value (DV) Not Established


Keep bottle tightly closed. Store away from heat and moisture. Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating or are sensitive to glycine. This product is sold by weight not volume.


McCarty MF, O'Keefe JH, DiNicolantonio JJ. Dietary Glycine Is Rate-Limiting for Glutathione Synthesis and May Have Broad Potential for Health Protection. Ochsner J. 2018;18(1):81-87.

Bannai M, Kawai N, Ono K, Nakahara K, Murakami N. The effects of glycine on subjective daytime performance in partially sleep-restricted healthy volunteers. Front Neurol. 2012;3:61. Published 2012 Apr 18. doi:10.3389/fneur.2012.00061