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Country Life Calcium-Magnesium Complex 1000 mg/500mg 180 tabs

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Country Life Calcium-Magnesium Complex 1000mg/500mg 180 Tabs

Calcium and Magnesium are minerals recognized for their ability to grow and maintain healthy bones. Women may especially benefit from Calcium, which can control the food cravings and mood swings associated with PMS. This formula will also help regulate heart rate, prevent blood clots, and relax and calm nerves. Daily Calcium and Magnesium intake can prevent a Calcium deficiency, which leads to numerous health issues including plague in the arteries, kidney damage, and arthritis.

Country Life Calcium-Magnesium Complex 1000mg/500mg 180 Tabs Benefits

• Grows and Maintains Healthy Bones

• Reduces PMS Symptoms

• Regulates Heart Rate

• Calms Nerves


Take 2 tablets of Country Life Calcium-Magnesium Complex daily with food.


Serving Size: 2 Tablets

Servings Per Container: 90

Amount Per Serving:


Phosphorus 500mg

Magnesium 500mg

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