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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals CoffeeTrim Green Coffee Extract 90 Capsules

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How Can You Avoid Bad Green Coffee Supplements?

...And Pick One That Will Actually Work For You?

"Not All Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements Are Created Equal."


Be warned, before you purchase your green coffee bean, you really need to know what you are buying. There are tons of fly-by-night companies opening up online selling their own product and "cashing in" on this weight loss pill's popularity!

Please beware, many of these fly-by-night company claim to have the best product, but then they fall short by not having the correct dosage or not even having a high enough amount of chlorogenic acid as seen in the clinical studies to have any effect on weight loss!

The success of your weight loss is mainly dependant on the quality of the green coffee you purchase. So before you decide to buy, make sure the green coffee you are buying meets all the criteria!

Lose 17 Pounds!

In a recent study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal, scientists used Green Coffee Bean Extract to study the effects of weight loss in human participants. What did they find? The average person in the study taking this product lost 17lbs and 16% of their bodyfat!!!

Don't Be Fooled By Cheap Green Coffee!

We have put a list together of things to watch out for when choosing the green coffee for you. We are going to begin with what Dr. Oz recommended on his show. Not to be perfectly clear, Dr. Oz did not endorse any specific product, so if you see a company stating this, stay away!

Here are Dr. Oz's criteria for Green Coffee:

Green Checkmark It must contain GCA® or Svetol® and state that on the label.

Green Checkmark No fillers, binders or any other extra ingredients in the product.

Green Checkmark Must be 100% pure!

Green Checkmark Dr. Oz recommends 1,200 mg per day for weight loss! (400mg 3x per day)

When you look at a product make sure it meets those label claims. Here is our label.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container 90

Amount Per Serving

Proprietary Blend 400 mg

Coffeetrim green coffee (coffea arabica) extract (bean) standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid and 65% polyphenols.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, vegetable stearate, silica.

At Best Price Nutrition, we also have criteria:

  • Look out for false claims. Check out our video on the topic.
  • It should be made in an FDA registered laboratory.
  • The manufacturing facility is cGMP certified.
  • The manufacturer of the product should be a well known business

What Makes Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Different From Other Products?


Green Checkmark Hi Tech Pharma™ uses over 50% Chlorogenic Acid

Green Checkmark Hi Tech Pharma™ is 100% pure

Green CheckmarkHi Tech Pharma™ has no added ingredients, fillers or binders

Green CheckmarkHi Tech Pharma™ supplies the recommend daily dose of 1,200mgs (1 capsules taken 3 times a day)

Green CheckmarkHi Tech Pharma™ is manufactured in a cGMP certified facility

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Good product

Good product

I think this works

I have been taking GCB for a while now, although I have since switched brands. I started using a brand that has 5% more chlorogenic acids and 800mg of their proprietary brand of GCB extract. Overall, I think I will keep taking the GCB. I think with long term use (more than just a month or two), it will help to lose some fat. I recommend stacking with garcinia cambogia.

It works

I was skeptical at first, but it took awhile and I have notice a decrease in my belly fat while taking green coffee. I will keep re-ordering.

very pleased

I was very pleased with the green coffee and will continue to order in the future.

Extreame Bloating

I was very excited about this product but was very disappointed. I took it for two weeks and had to stop due to the burping and extremely uncomfortable bloating. I didn't loss any weight but I don't feel like I really took it long enough either.

Very unhappy with lack of results!

My understanding was that this product would help to reduce the fat in my body without making any changes in my eating or exercising programs. I also understood from the advertising that I would see results in a very short amount of time. So, without making any changes in my programs and after using this product for about 2 1/2 weeks now, I have actually gone from 247lbs up to 248.5lbs.. I will continue to use this product until I have used it up, just as a test and because it's too much trouble to try to return it, but would never order it again, nor would I recommend it to any of my friends! When rating this product above, I gave it 1 star for each category simply because there was no way to give it zeros.

will use again

I am very pleased with this green coffee product and will order again in the future.


I was hoping this product would help me with fat around my mid section. Have almost finished on bottle at 2 pills a day and have not seen any change. Dissapointed!

Seems to help.

I bought Green Coffee Bean Extract to loose weight as an overall wellness plan. I have lost weight. Though I have dramatically increase my workouts as well.

Great service and reasonably priced.

I was impressed with ease of ordering, great prices, and prompt courteous service. I liked the fact that they email me and make sure I receive product in a timely manner. I would recommend your company to everyone.

Love...3rd bottle

Works great. No funny pill taste. Have lost 20 pounds using this as a part of my diet and exercise program. .

Not good after a week

RI've been taking this pill for more than a week and didnt see any results

Useful Product

Appears to have moderate success.

Totally legit, it helps

I have been taking the Green Coffee Bean extract for a few months. Since 2002 I've lost a total of 80 pounds the hard way. 261 pounds to 181.5 as of yesterday. By "hard way" I mean by getting educated on health and fitness and then SLOWLY changing my eating habits, and increasing my fitness levels over TIME. Although I've seen plenty of overnight weight loss success stories, I'm not one of them. I was doing Tae Bo in 2002 and I'm still doing it now. Hey it works. I'm not an extremist. I KNOW this is a LIFE LONG journey and success lives in the balance. Extreme behavior can never last. I have struggled with obesity, gluttony and addiction to wrong foods my whole life and I still struggle. I couldnt run 1 mile when I was in grade school or high school but at 40 years old I just finished my first 14k race on February 9th and have completed several smaller races as of late. So when I recommend this to you, I am no believer in "Miracle Pills", but I do believe in products and weight loss tactics that naturally aid in creating better health and this product does just that. There are times that I have eaten badly for a few days and I know I should have picked up a few pounds, but I believe this products helped to keep that from happening -to say it simply. I am also a supporter of this business. I checked them out on the internet before I bought from them and they are registered with the Better Business Bureau and have a good record. Initially I saw their youtube video when I was researching the extract and I just got a feeling these guys were not scam artists. At any rate I felt like it was work a try for $14. I'm glad I did. I have added this supplement to my diet because I notice the difference in my eating and my energy when I didnt take it. I like the way the Green Coffee Bean extract works in me works well with my health and fitness regimen .....and please use this product for a few months before you decide it "doesnt work". Pay attention to your body and understand how the product is affecting your body and your body's process. Give it time. That's my $.02. Goodnight :-) ...

Very Good!!

When I started using the product the first two weeks, i did not feel or see any changes. However buy the end of week three I lost 7lbs and continue loosing weight. So for i lost an average of 3lbs per week. In the past I tried dieting along but i never work. I would definitely recommend this product!!!

great and ordering again

Like the product and am ordering again!!

Green Coffee/Svetol capsules

I definitely redommend this product. I am losing weight without dieting. I eat whatever I want but am not nearly as hungry so I'm no longer snacking between meals. I have more energy and I'm no longer taking afternoon naps. So far there have been no negative side effects and I am taking 400 mg before breakfast and 600 mg before lunch and dinner in order to get the 800 mg twice a day that Dr. Oz recommends. I am 70 years old. I weighed 244 three weeks ago and today I weigh 237.


I started this and already lost 7lbs on this. I don't have any side effects and with my workouts are great. In combination with a good eating habit.


I don't feel this is a good weight loss solution. It did nothing for me. It gave me energy or helped curb my appetite. I do not recommend any one to purchase this product, very dissatisfied.

Seems to work, too early too tell

Both my wife and I are taking this product. I am showing modest losses in weight (2+ pounds per week) My wife has lost less, diffucult to say if it is it or not. No side effects and minor appetite suppression.