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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene w/25mg Ephedra Extract 100 Tabs

Our top selling fat loss supplement for the last 3 years has been Lipodrene from Hi-Tech Pharamceuticals. Lipodrene is the most potent diet aid on the market today to help you lose fat. Unlike other formulas, this product contains proven ingredients (caffeine, Ephedra and now DMAA free) to literally disolve the fat around you mid section, glutes and thighs. It can also help burn fat in the arms, chest and other areas of the body. How does it work? This is a natural fat burning supplement that stops the absorption of fat. It also helps to suppress your appetite. These two highlights along with its fat burning properties make it the PERFECT fat burner for any man or women needing to lose weight. It's pharmaceutical grade and will help strip away the layers of fat on your body so you can reach your ideal physique in the shortest amount of time possible.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene w/25mg Ephedra Extract Benefits:

  • Effective Fat Burning Thermogenic
  • Suppresses the appetite by blocking the re-uptake of Serotonin
  • Burns fat by increasing the metabolic rate
  • Potent Stimulant to produce Long Lasting Energy
  • Improves overall Mood
  • Strongest Diet Aid on the Market


You can click on the reviews tab to find over 90 reviews from satisfied customers. This is a huge seller for both men and women. Try Lipodrene now!

Hardcore Formula

Looking for something a little more from Lipodrene? Then check out Lipodrene Hardcore!

Lipodrene Hardcore offers slightly more stimulants to provide you an extremely potent stimulant that was developed for hardcore athletes. Lipodrene Hardcore is a rapid release 700mg tablet with 25mg. ephedra extract. The many stimulants in Lipodrene Hardcore are great for those who have had trouble with little energy during their weight loss programs. This will provide you much more energy so you don't have to feel tired when dieting. This version helps you feel energized at a constant pace so you don't have to go through feeling jumpy or having energy crashes. It will also help suppress your appetite so you can eat until you are done and lose weight quicker. The thermogenic effect of the ingredients will help your metabolism rise which will allow for increased fat burning, even if you are just sitting around doing nothing.


Directions & Dosage:

Take 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily. If sensitive to caffeine, start with 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch and then increase to 3 per day. One bottle will last 33 days at the max dose of 3 tablets per day.



Side Effects and Warnings:

Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Individuals who consume caffeine with this product may experience serious adverse health effects. Individuals who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine should consult a licensed healthcare professional before consuming this product.

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Excellent results and very affordable

I have been in the Fitness industry for many years and tried a lot of fat burner products. This by far has been the best product on the market I’ve found. Does not give me the gitters. I only need to take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. One added benefit to this product is if I need a little extra energy all I do is cut the tablet in half. I also would recommend Best Price Nutrition. Top customer service from other companies. The representatives know the products on hand. Very friendly and helpful. Never have I had poor experience for the past year. Good luck with your fitness goals


GREAT Weight Loss Aid

I started using this back in July 2016. I have lost a total of 47 pounds & have been able to keep it off (gain a pound or 2 here & there) but maintaining. HIGHLY recommend & Best Price Nutrition ships fast. I have found over the MANY years that for me, I have to have something with Ephedra in it to work & it has.


Great Product

I needed something to pick me up for my 5:00 am workouts without feeling nauseous or too jittery afterwards. I tried many different products before I found Hi-Tech Lipodrene. Many people stay away from Ephedra because of its bad reviews, but every product is not for everyone. Besides, a whole tablet is still much for me, so I cut a tablet in half, and it's the perfect morning rush that energizes me all day. Ephedra has been used in China for centuries, which is the epicenter of natural herbs, spices, and remedies. Some of the most impressive health benefits of ephedra include its ability to boost energy, help with weight loss, eliminate fatigue, increase cognition, boost the immune system, strengthen respiratory health, boost heart rate and blood pressure, and eliminate excess water. Just remember to consult with a doctor before using Ephedra. And remember to replenish electrolytes with pure coconut water and plenty of filtered water. Note: I don't use it every work-out because it can become addictive, and don't abuse it just to lose weight without a proper diet and exercise routine. I only use it when I want to go a little longer in the gym and sweat out impurities.


Great product!

I have tried many other ephedra products out there, and this is by far the best. My go to for training.

Hey sweetie

Finally found something that works

Been struggling with weight loss for what seems like forever. Found out about the product from my personal trainer and she was spot on the money. Lost 12 pounds on my first bottle. Just starting my second one. I will keep you posted on my next 33 day report.


LOVE this Product!!

This is a product I highly recommend! You don't have to take much for it to work, but if you've been using it a long time, you can increase the amount as needed up to 3/day. Really controls appetite, and for me, even one a day makes a huge difference and helps with energy, appetite control and weight loss, and I've been using this product for years! (Not consecutively) I gained over eighty pounds with my son, and by his six month "birthday" I was back down to a size 0/2. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with weight to lose, a large amount, or just a couple pounds!


Works well but there are better

It works great. I do feel that lipodrene elite works better and hits harder. Slight jitters but subsided quickly.

A Best Price Nutrition Customer

Excellent product

Lipodrene is a very effective thermogenic. With moderate excercise and eating one meal less a day (I skip breakfast), I was able to shed 50 lbs. I like that Lipodrene gives me energy boosts and suppresses my appetite. Don't take it after 3 pm, however, or it'll make you unable to sleep properly.


Get shredded

Once I added lipodrene. My six pack really started to show. & I had great energy for my workouts



these are the only pills that really work for me! This is the best place to get them too!

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