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Kal Chlorophyll 100 Tabs



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Kal Chlorophyll 100 Tabs

Chlorophyll is a molecule responsible for photosynthesis in plants, and the green pigment in vegetables. A lot of the benefits derived from green vegetables can be attributed to Chlorophyll including improved digestion, cancer prevention, increased energy, and reduced inflammation. Kal Chlorophyll can also help treat bad breath, accelerate recovery, and protect the body from harmful toxins.

Kal Chlorophyll 100 Tabs Benefits

• Reduces Inflammation

• Treats Bad Breath

• Increases Energy

• Improves Digestion


Take 1 tablet of Kal Chlorophyll twice daily.


Serving Size: 1 tablet

Servings Per Container:100

Amount Per Serving:

Chlorophyllin: 20mg

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