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Kal Pure Stevia Liquid 1.8 Oz

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Kal Pure Stevia Liquid 1.8 Oz

Kal Pure Stevia Liquid is a natural sweetener and sugar substitute that can be used for cooking, baking, and freezing. Stevia separates itself from other sweeteners because it is an herbal supplement, and offers numerous health benefits. Research has shown that Stevia helps regulate blood pressure, lower blood-sugar levels, lessen the effects of colds and flu, strengthen hair, and relieve indigestion. Next time you are cooking your favorite recipe, use Stevia in place of sugar as a healthy, low-calorie alternative.

Kal Pure Stevia Liquid 1.8 oz Benefits

• 0 Calories 0 Carbs

• Sugar-Substitute

• Perfect for Cooking and Baking


Use daily by adding to your favorite food or beverage. Shake well before use.


Serving Size: 5 Drops

Servings Per Container: 365

Stevia Blend: 145mg

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