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Life Extension Arginine Ornithine 150 grams



Life Extension Arginine Ornithine 150 grams

Arginine and Ornithine are amino acids often combined to improve athletic performance, unclog arteries, treat erectile dysfunction, and lower blood pressure. Arginine increases blood flow (vasodilation), when its converted to nitric oxide in the body. This amino acid is used in numerous pre-workout supplements to help improve the "pump" experienced during workouts. Ornithine is typically used to recover from surgery and serious injury, helping the body build muscle and utilize protein better. The body needs additional Ornithine to perform functions in the body when the body is stressed.

Life Extension Arginine Ornithine 150 grams Benefits

• Increases Blood Flow

• Improves Protein Utilization

• Accelerates Recovery

• Treats Erectile Dysfunction


Take one level teaspoon on an empty stomach, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner


Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon

Servings Per Container: 48

Amount Per Serving:

L-Arginine hydrochloride 2.25g

L-Ornithine hydrochloride 750mg

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