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Nature's Life

Nature's Life Strontium Plus D3 & K2 60 Tabs

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Nature's Life Strontium Plus D3 & K2 60 Tabs (680mg)

K2 is intended to provide nutritive support for healthy bones and a healthy cardiovascular system. The MK-7 form of vitamin K2 is thought to be more completely absorbed and remain in the body longer than other forms of vitamin K.

TV Doctor Customers: TV Doctor said he has never talked about this supplement before. Strontium is just beginning to grow in its awareness in this country. You know to take calcium for your bones, but calcium only helps bones that are already strong. Strontium helps to strengthen weak bones and reduces the risk of bone fractures by 33%. Take 680 mg per day. Be sure to take this 4 hours after taking your calcium supplement.


  • Formulated With Strontium Which May Help the Formation & Function of Osteoblasts
  • Provides Nutritive Support for Bone & Cardiovascular Health With Vitamin D3 & K2
  • Utilizes the Long-Lasting MK-7 Form of Vitamin K2 For Greater Absorption


  • Comprehensive Formula Supports Healthy Bone Density & Strength


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