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New Chapter Zinc Food Complex 90 Tablets

 New Chapter Zinc Food Complex 90 Tablets
 New Chapter Zinc Food Complex 90 Tablets
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New Chapter Zinc Food Complex 90 Tablets

New Chapter Zinc Food Complex isn't your typical Zinc supplement, this complex is a whole food fermented source of zinc that supports immune system function and skin health. This formula is made using a blend of complementary vegetables and herbs and is gentle enough to take on an empty stomach. If you've taken zinc supplements in the past and found that they upset your stomach don't write off zinc, give New Chapter Zinc Food Complex a try!

New Chapter Zinc Food Complex Highlights & Benefits

  • Fermented Zinc Complex
  • Improved Absorption & Bioavailability
  • Promotes Immune System & Skin Health
  • Made With Organic Vegetables & Herbs
  • Vegetarian Friendly Formula

New Chapter Zinc Food Complex Customer Reviews

Zinc is part of my daily vitamin regiment especially with everything going on over these past two years, New Chapter is a great brand and I like that this is more bioavailable than other zinc products on the market. 

A lot of zinc supplements upset my stomach, these ones don't bother me at all and I plan on continuing to purchase these. 


Take 1 tablet daily on an empty stomach. 

New Chapter Zinc Food Complex 90 Tablets Ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Not recommended for use in children. 


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